Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

The European Youth Day have left wonderful impressions on all who took part. In order that the contents of this weekend are not too quickly forgotten, the European Youth Day will be recorded in a number of ways.

Within a few weeks following the event, the official European Youth Day magazine, “Christ, my future – European Youth Day 2009 – on reflection” will appear. It will contain reports and interviews of all the important events from the opening ceremony to the closing divine service.

The themes of the magazine

What moved the youth from all over the world at the EYD? How did those with handicaps experience the event? What lies behind organising such an event?

Included with background reports will be many insights into the programme: workshops for youth leaders and young journalists, music from all the nations, articles on the subject of faith and discussions. There will also be figures, data, facts and many, many photos. Highlights to read will be comprehensive reports on the divine service and podium discussions with the Chief Apostle.

The magazine can be ordered under the reference EJT7600 for 12. 90 Euros from the Bischoff Verlag.

Official DVD in autumn

A DVD will be produced in autumn, which will not only have a summary of the complete weekend but will also contain excerpts from the Chief Apostle’s divine service, from the Night of lights as well as of the podium discussions.

Furthermore, it will look into all the events, with a view behind the scenes of the sleeping dormitories, the catering and much more.

The DVD can be purchased under the order no. EJT158010 from the Bischoff-Verlag for the price of 19.80 Euros.

CD with the musical highlights

In summer a music CD will also appear with highlights from the Night of lights, the open air concert and the divine service.

The CD contains, amongst other items, the piece “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Lord have mercy”, “Unity” and “Halleluja”. Also on the CD are all five of the EYD songs including the winning title “Come to my Jesus” by Sigi Hänger.

The CD can be purchased under the order no. EJT158020 from the Bischoff-Verlag for the price of 14.90 Euros.

Can be ordered through the congregational publishing representative

All products, which are currently planned only for production in the German language, are available through the Bischoff Verlag and can immediately be ordered via the publishing representative of the congregation (advantage: no postal charges, fastest delivery) or via internet under

Magazine of the European Youth Day

Glossy brochure, 160 pages
Article no. EJT7600
Price 12. 90 Euros
Availability date: end July 2009
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DVD of the European Youth Day

Running time: more than 450 minutes, DVD
Article no. EJT158010
Price: 19. 80 Euros
Availabilty date: autumn 2009
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CD of the European Youth Day

Running time: 45 minutes
Article no. EJT128020
Price: 14.90 Euros
Availabilty date: summer 2009

Bestellschein für Magazin, CD und DVD vom Europa-Jugendtag

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