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Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 08/14/2007

Meeting of the project groups Contents and Music

686 days prior to the European Youth Day, the project groups CONTENTS and MUSIC met on 5th & 6th July 2007, for their third meeting in Düsseldorf. The representatives from all European District Churches discussed on this occasion, amongst other issues, the concrete allocations of the areas of the exhibition halls.

Besides the 20 representatives from the European District Apostle areas, another 10 EYD co-workers from North Rhine Westphalia attended, who take care of the logistic realisation of the topics, determined by the project groups, mainly the exhibition set up and technical arrangements in the halls.

Important for the project group leaders, Apostle Edmund Stegmaier and Bishop Hans-Jürgen Bauer, was the appointing of those responsible for the various stalls, stages and activities. The concern in the coming months now lies in forming various teams around those in charge of given responsibilities.

timescale for events, presentations and musical renditions

A further topic of the meeting: the timescale for events, presentations and musical renditions in the various exhibition halls and area. Dozens of programme points need to be scheduled, such as renditions, workshops, music, films, discussion circles and much more. For this purpose the leaders responsible for the various halls met on Thursday afternoon in small groups. After all, 66.000 square metres of action ground in the exhibition halls need to be allocated.

On Friday morning another visit to view the exhibition halls was on the agenda, as plans don’t help much if the designers for the stalls and stage / action areas can’t see and evaluate the places in real life. This problem occurred at the second visit to the exhibition halls of the EYD-Planning group at their meeting at the end of March 2007. At that time some considerations of the programme proved impossible to implement at the site.

"Now we’ll approach the planning in detail."

Our next goal now is to arrange the interior design of the exhibition halls in detail and calculate costs. “Afterwards the delegation of tasks for the realisation of the plans needs to be addressed,” according to Apostle Edmund Stegmaier, leader of the project group CONTENT. Bishop Hans-Jürgen Bauer is also optimistic: “The goals set for the meeting by the project group MUSIC have been reached. Now we’ll approach the planning in detail.”

Meeting of the project groups Contents and Music

Text: Frank Schuldt
Fotos: Frank Schuldt