Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

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Interview: A logo that touches

Since five weeks the European Youth Day (EYD) has got a „face“: on 21st May the official EYD-website went online and with it also the official logo of this mega-event. The EYD-logo – an orange-coloured cross, circled-in in blue – stirs up the minds as a look into the guest-book shows: while some do praise the freshness of the colour, others criticize that the European Youth Day won’t show up in the usual NAC-design. A conversation with the head of the EYD-Projectgroup Communication, Apostle Rüdiger Krause (North Germany) about the joy and frustration when looking for and finding the right „trade-mark“.

Apostle Krause, how did the European Youth Day get its’ logo?

At first we had requested a couple of youth-members to prepare drafts for a EYD-logo. In this tender-invitation illustrators and designers from various church-districts took part. The results were creative and good, however the Planning Team was not really persuaded by any of the drafts. It showed, how difficult it is to develop a really good logo that would reflect the slogan but not allow any wrong associations. Apart from our church-logo we have not got any metaphorical language in our church, which is available to the other churches.

How did things go on then?

As a second step we, as EYD-Projectgroup Communication on behalf of the Planning Team, then tendered out the order to various advertising agencies and designers to develop a logo. From the received drafts the Planning Team then selected one favourite. This conclusion was adopted by the Chief Apostle and the European District Apostles. Three weeks later the official website went online in the style of the chosen logo.

Some youth-members miss our church-logo as a part of the official EYD-symbol.

During the research period we extensively discussed this point within our PG as well as with experienced designers. About logos two principles should be followed: first, an existing and known logo should not be changed, secondly it is hardly possible to combine two different logos. Result: we cannot variate our church-logo, nor could we integrate it into another one.
Consequently we had two possibilities: to use our church-logo with adding „European Youth Day“ or to design a complete new one. We decided for the second way, last not least also because the EYD is something really special in the every-day-routine of our church for which an own metaphorical language is certainly justified. By the way, when we take a look at the just ended Evangelic Church  Day in Cologne or also at the Catholic World Youth Day, it was the same there: these events do always have their own design.

Now, we have got two logo variations...

That’s right, but we want to place more emphasis on the logo with the lettering, ‘New Apostolic Church’, and use it to establish a clear connection with our church.
This is also the expressive wish of our chief apostle and district apostles. The one logo contains the date and place of the event in its lettering, namely – ‘21st-24th May 2009, Düsseldorf’. If wished, this logo may be used when in context it clearly shows its connection with the New Apostolic Church, in order to avoid duplication. But: fundamentally we use – also for external outreach purposes and other publications – the version with the lettering, ‘New Apostolic Church’. Whenever possible we also display our church emblem in addition to the EYD-logo, like for example on the promotion post card for the European Youth Day, on the EYD web page or official correspondence. But as said before, not directly next to each other, as this would not give an aesthetically good impression.

What reactions did the Planning Team receive with regards to the logo?

The majority of the young people finds it cool. Most of all it’s the modern colour-design with the shining blue-orange that makes it so accepted. Colour-psychologists speak in this respect of an ideal combination. The blue stands for „heaven“ or „life“ and the honey-coloured orange for „community“. I don’t want to interprete too much into this, however both colours together are very much in harmony and a combination that international companies would surely like to make use of. Some youth-members claim to miss our church-logo but that I have explained already. Of course one thing is clear: no matter what we would have done differently - a logo never is accepted by everyone, as taste always differs. Anyway, we did submit the different drafts to a circle of young people for their judgement before. And there was a clear vote for the now official design. The overall-reaction does show: this logo was the right choice!

Many youth members would like to have t-shirts with the logo and also other advertising articles. Are we going to have something like that?

We do work on that. Of course we will offer such merchandising-articles. We have chosen already a first selection and check out the quality of the products at present. After that follows the production and sale.

Interview with Apostle Krause

Text: Frank Schuldt
Thorsten Gabriel
Fotos: Frank Schuldt