Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in DŘsseldorf

Report added 03/30/2007

Third meeting of the European Youth Day 2009 planning committee

The European district churches’ 25 representatives working in the European Youth Days’ planning committee, among them nine apostles and six bishops, met for the third time in Dortmund and Düsseldorf at the end of March. They had organisational questions on the agenda on the first day. On the second day, the group visited the exhibition halls and the LTU-Arena for the second time.

District apostle Armin Brinkmann welcomed the members of the planning committee in the administrative building in Dortmund on 29 March 2007 and informed the members of the committee of the decisions which the district apostle meeting had made. He also informed them of his signature of the statutes of the “EJT2009 Düsseldorf GmbH”, the corporation responsible for the organisational execution of the entire event and contract conclusions.

Decisions of the project teams

In the following, Apostle Edmund Stegmaier (from District Church Central Germany) informed of the decisions made so far by the project team contents (pt contents). The team has already collected suggestions for the programme from all district churches. Furthermore they took a look at a plan of the exhibition halls, visited the venue and then tried to think of a possible course of the programme.

The programme includes workshops, panel discussions (with chief apostle Wilhelm Leber as well), guided city tours, and concerts, as well as personal encounters and sports events.

Too much classical music – demand for alternatives

42 suggestions have been sent to the project team music, which is under the direction of Bishop Hans-Jürgen Bauer (Southern Germany), from the district churches. The members of the planning committee, district apostle Armin Brinkmann in particular, criticised the high percentage of classical music. The team has been asked to revise this.

There is supposed to be a signature tune for the European Youth Day. It will be announced this year. The young people can vote on their favourite tune on the prospective official website

Goulash or chili con carne?

How many grams of bread do young people need for dinner? Potato salad or schnitzel? Or rather both? And what about drinks? More than 250,000 dishes will be served on the European Youth Day for all the visitors. There will also be breakfast for the young people sleeping in the exhibition halls.

Communication schedule

Apostle Rüdiger Krause presented the project team communication’s idea of public relations and a communication strategy for the European Youth Day.

The first basic official information from the planners of the European Youth Day will be the release of the website of the European Youth Day on 24 May – two years before the mega event is to take place. Young people and youth leaders will find the first information necessary for their own planning here. Furthermore the Friedrich Bischoff publishing house’s youth magazine “spirit” will report on the preparations regularly from June on. More information will be communicated through the websites of the respective district churches.

The official logo has been decided on

The planning committee made one of the crucial decisions after lunch: The committee decided on the official logo of the European Youth Day. A large number of young people and agencies had handed in suggestions from which the winning logo was chosen unanimously. The logo will be presented to the district apostle meeting and the chief apostle for the decision. It will then be presented together with the new website.

The other project teams presented their intermediate results in the afternoon. One of the items on the agenda was accommodation: Only 20,000 people will be accommodated in the exhibition halls. All other participants will be accommodated in youth hostels, schools, and churches in the Ruhr District if they are well connected to local public transport. Sisters and brothers in faith from North Rhine-Westphalia want to offer accommodation to the participants as well. The final decision has not yet been made. But it is clear that accommodation will be managed centrally.

Inspection of the exhibition halls

The second day started off with a visit of the Düsseldorf Messe exhibition halls from the northern entry, just under a year after the first visit of the venue. The project team’s contents and music in particular wanted to see the exhibition halls again. But there were also new members in other teams who had not seen the venue before.

First they visited the arena and then the exhibition halls. The planners immediately realised that the plans would have to be revised completely. Large exhibition halls cannot be separated acoustically in order to run activities parallel. So the team decided to use further small halls. They are now considering using a big hall for sports events like a football or volleyball match for example, as wished by young people.

Next meeting scheduled for autumn 2007

The next meeting of the planning committee will take place in autumn 2007. All project teams want to revise their plans according to their new insights. The committee fixed three more meetings for coordination and mutual information in 2008.

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Third meeting of the European Youth Day 2009 planning committee
Third preparatory meeting - Tour of the exhibition area

Text: Frank Schuldt
Fotos: Frank Schuldt