Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 04/04/2009

Final meeting of the planning team

“What is being organised here is gigantic”, pronounced Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten, visibly impressed at the final meeting of the planning team before the European Youth Day. The representatives of the European district churches met for the last time together in Düsseldorf on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

At the ninth meeting of the planning team the final discussion points concerned the content and musical programmes. The sequence of the four day event was finalised under the guidance of the project coordinator and District Elder Helmut Polzin, so that all the project groups could be brought up to date with the current information state.

The official EYD Guide

Apostle Rüdiger Krause, head of the communications project group, also introduced the official Guide. It describes the complete programme of the European Youth Day, sorted in order of the events and their timings. Additionally, it gives further information about the Youth Day.

The Guide will be translated in the coming weeks and will then be printed. One thing currently remains open; whether there is sufficient time to send the required number of copies in advance of the European Youth Day to all the group leaders. The organisers will inform them with enough time, so that the Guides could be distributed shortly beforehand, or so that the Guides could be handed out during the journey. The alternative would be to issue the Guides after arrival at the exhibition centre with the welcoming present.

Further advance information

The communications project group has published more advance information in the form of a bulletin (we reported) which is on the official website to be downloaded. The document is now being translated in other languages. Also, a presentation, with more information, will be produced which can be shown at youth or information meetings in the district churches in May. Added to this, a shortened version of the Guide will be published in internet at the beginning of May.

Now the members of the planning team look forward in anticipation to the 21st of May, when it all starts to happen in Düsseldorf and the young travellers start to arrive. Until then, however, there is quite a bit to do for the project groups.

Thanks to those taking part

District Apostle Armin Brinkmann, head of the New Apostolic Church in North Rhine-Westphalia, used the occasion of the last meeting before the EYD to thank all who have been engaged in the project. “In all the project groups I have met with an unbelievable commitment”, said the District Apostle. He said that he was very reassured that the European Youth Day would function well and would be a unique experience for the youth.

He also praised the willingness of the New Apostolic Christians throughout Europe to donate: “With your contribution it has become possible for the youth to take part in this absolutely special weekend!”

Intensive prayers

The District Apostle called on everyone to pray intensively over the final 48 days for the success of the occasion. “I ask our God again and again for much blessing of our youth and for the protection of His angels on the many and long ways which many of them will make on their journeys to Düsseldorf”, he stressed. His final words: “Now let us rejoice together toward the European Youth Day!”

Final meeting of the planning team before the European Youth Day

Text: Frank Schuldt
Fotos: Frank Schuldt