Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 04/01/2009

New advertisement for European Youth Day

“See you in Düsseldorf” Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber called to the youth in autumn 2008. This was the first official advert for the great event in May 2009. The youth had produced a film several weeks previously, which has now been released.

Three inquisitive youngsters are exploring the exhibition centre and the LTU arena in Düsseldorf. First of all, they look for a gate which is open at the outer fence and so they find their way to the place where the European Youth Day 2009 will be. This story is told in the new advertising film for the European Youth Day, and when the halls are still empty and bare - it is fascinating to take a look beforehand in the halls where the events will be taking place.

Three youngsters underway on rollers

With kind approval of the Messe Düsseldorf a film was made of this in summer of 2008. Carolin, Saskia and Andreas from North Rhine-Westphalia were underway with the film crew of the EYD for half a day in Düsseldorf – and on roller skates and with a skateboard.

The three youngsters had been chosen by the organisers from many applicants. In March of 2008, the youth were called on to enter for a part in the advertising spot under the title, “Skaters for the EYD advertisement sought”. The requirements: they should be “fit on rollers and be enthusiastic to take part in such a project. There followed a large number of enthusiastic skaters applicants by the film team.

Moving pictures from the exhibition halls

The action began around midday one Thursday in August at the exhibition centre. The equipment: one skateboard, two pairs of inline skates, a camera, microphone and a buggy car. As the three young people shot through the gangways and halls on their rollers, they were followed by the camera man – at times sitting on the car.”We simply improvised”, recalled Marcel Witte, who accompanied the filming on the camera. The result: moving camera pictures captured by simple means.

Following the shooting at the exhibition centre, the scene moved to the LTU arena, where the football players of Fortuna Düsseldorf were training. After a short pause the film shooting continued – up into the seating terraces and down on the grass.

The grass must be left intact

A unique and exclusive experience for the three youngsters. They were there, so many months before the European Youth Day, where many other youngsters would not be allowed. This is because the centre of the arena, including the grass, must not be walked on during the event. Only a small area of the playing surface will be covered by the altar stage, which will be used for the event. Nothing must happen to the grass – a football game will be played following the opening event and the “Night of lights”– the last of the current season.

The advertising spot can be seen on the title page as a video and is also available in high resolution for downloading in the link “Inform” / “Videos”.


Text: Frank Schuldt
Fotos: Frank Schuldt