Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 03/12/2009

Final preparations in Duisburg

In the last stage toward the European Youth Day the youth of Europe are meeting everywhere to make their final preparations. So it was in Duisburg (district church of North Rhine-Westphalia) that over 20 youngsters met on Saturday 21st February 2009 in Duisburg central church, to make final plans for the “Night of Lights”.

The ““Night of Lights” on Friday evening, 22ndMay 2009, is a mixture of concert and youth gathering. The youth of Duisburg are responsible for the final event. A small planning group met at the early stages to put their ideas together. In the youth evening meetings that followed their ideas became concrete.

An audience of 50,000 in the LTU arena

Now, on one Saturday, the intensive fine detail was to be completed. Thinking heads of the text group were smoking in the sacristy: the creative sentence builders were looking for the right words and discussed various text ideas. “OK, perhaps we ought to work on the syntax a bit”, considered Simon. “Does this sound alright?“, asked Sebastian of the group. It wasn’t quite so easy to write a fitting text for the audience of around 50,000.

Meanwhile another group were playing with reflecting life-saving panels on the church car parking area. “Intake! Turn! Wave!”: for outsiders just cryptic words, but for the experienced youth distinctive meanings. What do the silver and gold sheets with the words on them mean and what are they being used for? Who knows! At the latest, on the Friday of the Youth Day the secret will be lifted in the LTU arena. Until then the youth still have lots to do.



Text: Marcel Korstian
Fotos: Marcel Korstian