Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 11/19/2008

179 bottles of freshly-pressed apple juice

Eager anticipation of the awaited European Youth Day next year is increasing throughout Europe. “EYD” fever has also reached Adendorf near Lüneberg in North Germany. To help with the costs for the weekend in Düsseldorf the youth thought up the novel action: selling freshly home-made juice.

The youth of the congregation in Adendorf are mostly school children for whom the participation fee of 95 Euros is a rather large sum. The New Apostolic youth considered the thought of begging to raise funds was not good enough.


The apple tree meadow by the water

So they decided on a really novel idea: on the edge of the Barumer See, a local lake, is a meadow full of apple trees which is hardly used. After checking with the town’s mayor, the youth received permission to harvest the apple crop. Great! But how?

Through contact with a farmer, the group obtained empty fruit baskets and ladders. Added to this, they were loaned, completely free of charge, two trailers. One Sunday in October they all met at the meadow. One of the bigger youths and two prospective confirmands for the year 2016 took over the job of shaking the apples down. The rest gathered the apples together and loaded them on to the trailers, which had been dragged on to the meadow. A fully-loaded fruit basket weighed around 15 Kilogram. How much, then, do two fully-loaded trailers weigh? 500, 700 or even 1,000 Kilogram?

Two trailers loaded with the apple crop

Finally, the trailers had to be towed away from the meadow. It was good that a sturdy vehicle with four-wheel drive was available, which easily mastered the task of towing the trailers out of the muddy field. Tired, but pleased with their efforts, the youth gazed at the results of their work as they made a coffee break.

On the following Tuesday came stage two of the action: with both trailers full of apples and the help of some stronger youth the group made their way to the village of Lütau, near Lauenburg to a cider press. The tip to get there early proved to be absolutely right, because as the group arrived at 8 a.m. they had to queue behind a row of ten cars.

What did the weighing machine say?

When the moment finally arrived, the youth packed the apples into two allocated wooden crates which were brought by a fork lift truck to the weighing machine. Ten pairs of eyes gazed tensely at the display: 400, 600, 800, 850 ... 897 Kilograms! Super!

With this result the youth were able to take 179 bottles of apple juice with them. They were offered for the price of one Euro to their congregation. Only a few days later the cash till was full and the complete harvest sold.

179 bottles of freshly-pressed apple juice

Text: Frank Schuldt
NAK Norddeutschland
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