Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 11/06/2008

Project choir gets prepared

“Yes! We’re going to perform at the EYD!” said the youth of the district church Sachsen-Thüringen with jubilation when they were told in May 2008 that they could take part as singers in the musical programme of the European Youth Day. With that the intended “Project choir 2009” took off.

The background: youth and gospel choirs exist in several districts of the district church Sachsen-Thüringen, which would be eager to perform at the European Youth Day. However, they were simply too few for the size of the large halls of the exhibition centre at Düsseldorf. Thus the collective agreement was made, “We will all sing together”.

Concerted experience as a choir

Already in 2007 the youth choirs of the districts Gera and Plauen jointly presented a part of the German horticultural show programme in the church tent. Thus, it was an obvious conclusion that they would sing once more together. Additionally, the joyful young singers from the districts of Gotha, Meiningen and Erfurt also sang.

So it was that the musical conductors met at the beginning of 2008 to discuss all the arrangements. From here, flourished fireworks of inspiring and rousing music – or better said, musical notes. Then a plan was developed for the rehearsals, with the idea to do this, at least once, in the “catchment area” of each represented choir.

Not only classic instruments

The conductors decided that there were too few rehearsals. Therefore, an orchestra was “acquired” formed on a well-known orchestra of the district Plauen, made up of enthusiastic lay musicians and other project choir members. It didn’t just have the classic instruments, such as string and wind instruments. The youth had formed a band with electronic instruments and drums.

The programme contains a colourful mixture of gospel and spiritual music with modern religious music: a stirring event, to fire up the young musicians and to praise God in song! The musical selection should also make a lasting impression on the audience.

First combined rehearsal in April 2008

The first rehearsals began as early as February and each choir section rehearsed separately. Then on April 28th 2008, the choirs came together for the first combined rehearsal. “We experienced here just how wonderful the fellowship amongst the youth is and how much fun can be had, despite the intensive work”, said Jörg Sammler, the conductor of the Plauen choir.

The next rehearsal took place directly prior to a concert in Plauen. It wasn’t exactly just one rehearsal: the organisers decided to conduct the rehearsals over a complete weekend so that the practice could be effective and in order to bring the singers closer together. While working intensively during the choir practice the youngsters were also able to enjoy the weekend. The concert in Plauen was the crowning event of the weekend, which not only thrilled the audience. It demonstrated just how close the singers’ community spirit had become.

A second concert in Gera

There followed other short appearances before the project choir appeared at a second concert in the cultural and congress centre in Gera on 13th September 2008. The hall was filled with an audience of 1,000! The programme variety was considerable: from a sophisticated African childrens’ song, newly orchestrated, where the singers appeared in slow motion from the “north”, “south”, “east” and “west”, to songs of God’s love, His strength and the story of Jesus Christ, followed by the strongly voiced and almost monumental songs “I Will Follow Him” and “God Of My Praise”.

Talented choir and orchestra members arranged the partially incomplete songs, prior to the concert, so that not only the choir could sing them, but also so that challenging “works of art” could be brought to life together through the singers and the orchestra. The enthusiasm of the players spread quickly to the audience, who applauded and clapped with complete rapture. Sober music was also presented; for example, the title “Ein Lied von der Liebe” (A Song of love) from Wolfgang Lack, which the composer wrote for choir and orchestra.

More concerts in 2009

There will not be any more public appearances of the project choir in 2008, but next year more concerts are planned in preparation for the European Youth Day. After that comes the highlight: the appearance on 23rd May at 5.30 pm in Hall 7a at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre.

All information about the project choir 2009 of the New Apostolic Church in Sachsen-Thüringen can be found in internet on the website

Website: "Projektchor 2009"

Project choir gets prepared

Text: Jörg Sammler
Frank Schuldt
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