Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 09/12/2008

Packed lunches for the European Youth Day

Packed lunches for the European Youth Day 2009 in Düsseldorf? What apparently sounds a little early was really a promotion by the youth of the Cologne congregations Dellbrück, Kalk, Mülheim and Poll (districts of Cologne East, in the district church of North Rhine-Westphalia) to collect money for the EYD 2009.

This action derived from an e-mail sent by a brother from Switzerland, who was organising an excursion for a group of 43 Swiss engineers. He contacted the youth leader of the Kalk congregation in Cologne and asked him if was interested in making up packed lunches for the Swiss party and then to hand them over on 10th September 2008 at the Cologne main railway station, with the chance of taking in some money for the European Youth Day 2009.

Gathering ideas

After further contact with the brother to agree the packed lunch contents and costs, a number of the youth started gathering ideas about the practicalities of providing and delivering the lunches. This was quite taxing, as the composition of fruit, filled rolls, coleslaw and dessert, not forgetting serviettes, plates and cutlery, all had to be planned and organised.

The youth wanted to add a local delicacy to the lunch boxes, and so it was decided that a Cologne speciality, a "Halven Hahn" would be added (for strangers to Cologne "Halven Hahn" is the regional colloquialism for a rye bread roll with a thick slice of mature cheese).

The colours had to match

The colours of the coat of arms for Cologne and the national flag of Switzerland both contain elements of red and white. This led to the idea of using them to decorate the lunch carrier bags and serviettes.

After everything had been organised and items bought or ordered, the lunches were packed directly after the youth meeting on the day before the due despatch date. The 43 lunch packets were complete less the fruit and the "Halven Hahn", which would firstly be freshly delivered the next day and packed immediately.

Much treasured by the travellers

On the day in question, the packaging was completed and loaded into a car, which took them to the Cologne railway station. The packets were unloaded and kept under close scrutiny, because of the Cologne coat of arms printed on the carrier bags making them very attractive to other travellers who might fancy them as souvenirs.

When the packets had been safely brought to platform 5, from where the Swiss travellers were departing, tumultuous joy was expressed, not only due to hunger but also because of the colourfully unique carrier bags.

The result of their efforts brought the four Cologne congregations 200 Euros for the European Youth Day in Düsseldorf.

Packed lunches for the European Youth Day

Text: Marcus Hain
Frank Schuldt
Fotos: Marcus Hain