Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 07/20/2008

Over one million euros in donations

Just under ten months before the New Apostolic European Youth Day, another appeal for donations is going out in “Our Family”, the church periodical. Apostle Rüdiger Krause, Head of the “Sponsoring” project group, is responsible for this drive.

Apostle Krause, how much has been donated so far?

So far, we have received 1,009,500.47 euros in donations for the European Youth Day. Thousands have donated to make the Youth Day weekend an unforgettable experience for the youth. That’s really great and we’d like to express our sincerest thanks to all who have donated. We’ll be regularly publishing the amount we have received in donations. The Chief Apostle and the District Apostles in Europe want to inform our brothers and sisters of the financial aspects of this event as well. This is something we want to do increasing via the official EYD website.

Does that mean that the goal for donations has been reached?

No, not enough has been done so far and this was clear from the beginning. For this reason, right at the beginning, those doing the planning for the event started a “Sponsoring” project group including six brothers and sisters and myself.

Have sponsors for the big event been found yet?

We have located several sponsors. We have announced some of them on our homepage However, not all sponsors are listed there. In finding sponsors for the event, we were quite selective as some of the sponsors will be showcasing their products at the European Youth Day. Given this fact, it was of course important for us to find companies whose products were appropriate for an event associated with the church. Advertising for alcohol or tobacco products was of course out of the question. This was also the case for offers which could lead Youth Day participants to enter into a contract, for example, from mobile phone companies or newspapers. But aside from these, it became clear to us that companies don’t like to present themselves at events associated with churches. That was one of many new things we learned.

Have the total costs for the event already been determined?

Currently, the organizers are getting information about the requirements for setting up the stands and exhibition halls. The biggest factor here is the material that is needed. Taking this into consideration, the exhibition building company will compose a list of requirements and then will put out a call for subcontractors for technical affairs, the necessary construction of the exhibition and for service providers. We can determine what the total costs will be only after we get the quotes from these subcontractors. At that point, we’ll have some leeway to see if we can possibly reduce costs. However, the program we have planned will not be negatively affected by these efforts.

So far, we only have estimates of costs in many areas. However, we know already that refreshments will cost around 1.5 million euros. Additional costs of over one million euros will be incurred for renting accommodations and the event halls as well as LTU Arena. The cost of setting up the exhibition stands and the programs we’re arranging as well as the technical infrastructure will also be substantial. So, we aren’t able to determine what the total cost will be right now. We’re calculating that the maximum costs will be between eight and nine million euros, probably less. For this reason, we are thankful for every euro that is donated to support the European Youth Day.

What will happen if not enough donations come in?

As I said, we started out overestimating the total costs. Along with the fees that are paid by participants, churches in different regions are sponsoring the European Youth Day with the funds that they would normally use for regional Youth Days. In addition, we have the revenue from the EYD Shop and the large amount from donations. I admit: We depend quite a bit on these donations. But the enthusiasm that we are seeing from the districts strengthens my belief that we will receive the amount in donations that we need to make the European Youth Day a success. I’m not too concerned about that. However, we’ll still have to put in some effort here.

What other donations drives have been planned?

Currently, we have a donation drive that we announced in the 13/2008 issue of Our Family. We’re planning another drive for the Christmas season and one for Spring 2009. Many congregations and districts are holding drives to raise money to cover the costs of travel and participation for our youth. We are pleased with these efforts. However, these drives don’t support covering the costs for the event itself. For this reason, I ask that any surplus funds that are raised from these drives be transferred to EJT 2009 Düsseldorf GmbH’s account.

What will be done with any surplus funds that are raised?

The Chief Apostle and the District Apostles have decided that any surplus funds will be given to regional churches in Europe for use exclusively to fund youth projects. Here we can see that every euro and every cent will contribute directly to helping the youth.

Interview by Frank Schuldt

Text: Frank Schuldt
Fotos: Rolf Carl