Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 05/28/2008

Meeting of the Project Groups in North Rhine-Westphalia

Almost exactly a year prior to the EYD 2009, the planning committee met in Hochdahl on May 17th to discuss the stage they are at in the preparation.

The area church North Rhine-Westphalia is heavily involved in the organisation of the European Youth Day, so to hear District Elder and Project Leader Helmut Polzin comment that they are on the right track came as quite a relief.

The meeting evolved around taking stock as to what has been achieved so far. A report from each project group, outlining at what stage they are in their planning, is due in a fortnight before the next meeting. The reports will be evaluated and summarised in a report that will be presented to the District Apostles.

Once that has happened, the project leaders will get together and discuss the way forward. Since the preparation for the event is rather complex, there will be a number of specialised groups responsible for different projects.The project group "exhibition centre" is responsible for the organisation of the exhibition grounds and its halls which will be utilised for catering, events and accommodation.

However, all project supervisors contribute their input in project meetings which will ensure that all aspects of the planning are catered for and oversights are avoided.

In order to comply with regulations the Congress Centre in Dusseldorf is also going to be incorporated into the planning. The centre will provide the certified events manager/overall manager, who will ensure that technical and building-related regulations are adhered to and that all necessary permissions are granted.

This is just an insight into what needs to be considered in order to make the European Youth Day a great success. Even experienced event managers have to admit that this project is quite a challenge.


Text: Alfred Krempf
Fotos: Marcus Hain