Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 03/12/2008

The layout of the exhibition centre is taking shape

The layout of the exhibition centre is taking shape. On Tuesday March 11th, some members of the planning team met up with the exhibition staff to discuss further proceedings.

The following members attended the meeting: District Elder Helmut Polzin (Project Leader), Apostle Hans-Juergen Bauer and Apostle Wolfgang Schug (Music Committee), as well as Apostle Edmund Stegmaier and District Evangelist Axel Münster.

Theme for Hall 6

Hall 6 will accommodate stands from the various district churches. The hall is divided into a stage area, booths, points of interest & activity. On top of that there will be even more exhibitions and displays throughout the hall.

The exhibition centre has been trying to integrate the stands for the different district churches over the past couple of weeks. Issues regarding the cost, building regulations in the hall, compatibility with stalls from other districts and such like had to be sorted out. The team will endeavour to finalise those details by the summer.

Rebuilding the Revelation Tent

In the afternoon meeting Hall 7 and 7a were discussed. This is a big project where some of our gifted youth attempt to rebuild the Revelation Tent. Due to fire regulations, the layout of the hall itself and other restrictions, the tent will be built on the perimeter of the hall.

In the weeks ahead there is still plenty that needs sorting out, such as equipment ranging from sockets to screens and chairs. Once that list has been finalised the focus will be on the presentations themselves with emphasis on the content, photos, films and other media that will be utilised.

There are however, still 436 days left to the European Youth Day so not to worry…


Text: Frank Schuldt
Fotos: Frank Schuldt