Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 03/03/2008

PG Music Meeting in Reutlingen

The Project Group Music, which is currently planning the musical program for the European Youth Day, met on Valentine ’s Day, 14th of February in Reutlingen Germany. Thoughts of flowers and other small gifts for loved ones were somewhat overshadowed by the work in progress – after all we are talking about an event with an audience of 40.000.

There are two central events which the Music Project Group is arranging contributions for. The opening ceremony for Friday May 22nd in Hall 6 as well as the musical evening on Saturday. And the music for the Divine service as well as the organizing of music programs for the exhibition halls and ‘street music’.

To show the ’up to date’ position of the plans the PG prepared the following information:

Program in the Exhibition halls

By now the sifting through of suggestions from youth groups has been concluded and the first program plan has been established. As there is only limited space for both sets of contents and music and as the stage is a shared area, the coming weeks will be spent making final decisions and fine tuning the program. Once this is concluded, the participating youth groups will be informed accordingly.

The Schedule consists of renditions of choirs and orchestras (starting with wood wind ensembles and folk songs to spirituals) and also interactive music such as Sing-along events.

Music program on Saturday Evening

This Musical Evening will take place in the LTU arena. The PG has set a high goal for this: on the one hand a diverse range of pieces will be delivered by the youth and on the other hand all youth members will be integrated into the performances.

The carefully chosen program, a mixture of traditional and interactive renditions, will be performed by various choirs, the youth symphony orchestra of the New Apostolic Church North Rhine Westphalia as well as a symphony Woodwind Band. A general plan already exists. At present specific program details are being planned and a playlist (script) is being written.

Street music

You don’t have to be just a listener, you can also participate. If you are a member of a band or choir then this is your chance to make music at one of the three designated areas. There is also room for groups or youth members who can’t perform within the official range of the programs.

So that everything can be somewhat orderly, there is a process for registration with certain conditions (organisers can for example only admit a limited output or maximal number of members per choir/group). Further Information regarding this matter will follow. There will soon be a pre-registration form on the official website.


Text: Jens Lange
Fotos: PG Musik