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Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

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Sponsors wanted - an interview with Carmen Faulenbach

Carmen Faulenbach (PG Sponsoring)

An event like the EYD can’t be setup at a zero tariff and neither at the otherwise usual costs of a regional youthday: three days with a full program have got their price. For this reason the project-group Sponsoring works on a successfull financing by the help of subsidies and contributions from companies, but also by the help of many smaller individual donations. One goal is, to keep the partiticipation-costs for our youngsters as low as possible. A talk with Carmen Faulenbach, member of ther PG Sponsoring, about the status of things.

How successful is the search for sponsors?

We have had many talks already, mostly by using the personal contacts of the members of our project-group. Under the heading of Apostle Rüdiger Krause we are presently six, shortly we will be seven. This is a good group-size and we have settled in meanwhile very well. All PG colleagues have got lots of experience in marketing and good contacts to industrial and commercial companies. We started off by making up our mind in which direction we want to go in our search for sponsors and which personal contacts we should use to raise additional funds for the EYD. In this respect we not only think of financial donations but also of suitable gifts and services, which are also a way by which companies can support the EYD. However, at this moment it is quite a difficult to obtain definite approvals, as usually the budgets for the year 2009 are fixed by the companies only dring mid of 2008. Anyway, we gratefully accept now already hints of brothers and sisters who themselves have got companies or good connections to propietors or managing directors of companies. It is always easier to use personal contacts than – as one can say – any „cold“ acquisition.

How many big sponsors are required to secure the EYD financially?

We do hope very much to find one or two bigger supporters with whom we will be able to agree on a special marketing package.

What does this mean?

This means, we intend to dedicate a special space on the exhibition area. Designated for this is the Hall 8. We could imagine for example, that a manufacturer of sports articles or another sponsor could arrange a „European volley- or football tournament“ or any other sports event/ activity. And as soon
as we have identified such one or two main sponsors, we could setup additional offer-packages for smaller companies. Thinkable are of course classic advert options like posters, flags, banners or exhibitions stalls managed by promotion-teams. We also however are still searching for a sponsor for a „welcome bag“, which every participant will obtain. Inside of this will be the program of the EYD, a plan of the exibition area and maybe a candy bar or a softdrink. And marketing-research was one option for this as well. Some parts of Hall 8 could be used by companies to introduce / to promote their products. Because at the EYD they meet up directly with the aimed consumer-group in a density which One encounters otherwise only seldom – and even with quite a lot of time as the event happens over three days. In marketing you speak of ‚contacts’: thinkling of 40,000 guests Over three days, we could talk of 120,000 contact-possibilities – which is already a quite big Number.

Correspondingly it can be of interest for a company, to place oneself at such an event, to perform product tests or to introduce oneself as employer. Many companies approach universities and job markets – why shouldn’t they do so on the EYD? It would be easy possible for bigger and smaller companies,who offer jobs not at one place only to setup a job market. But, as I said earlier, all this is still under consideration and depends of the bigger sponsors and the place we will have available in Hall 8. We are on it.

Are there further areas in which sponsoring is thinkable?

Yes, for example in catering. We will have one caterer who will be responsible for the catering of the entire EYD. In cooperation with his suppliers we try to obtain goods from branded manufacturers free of charge or at rebated prices. In a dimension like this, catering for 40,000 guests who shall be fed properly over three days at morning, lunch and in the evening, every support helps.

Will there be a financial support from the public side?

We do hope for this very much. We have not only approached the city of Düsseldorf, but also the Federal State of Northrhine-Westfalia, the German Federeal Government and even the the European Community. We are in talks there with the relevant authorities everywhere.

In case any company would be initiatively interested to support the EYD and to represent itself thereon – how could they get in contact?

Very easy.. just by contacting us via, we will respond then as soon as possible. This means also, everyone who knows about potential sponsors in his surrounding field is welcome to pass on this email-address. Also, we have got a Flyer which provides information about the EYD that likewise may be passed on. We are grateful for any feedback. However, to say it clearly: it’s not all about such one or two bigger sponsors. Also Every single smaller financial donation is highly appreciated. The formal body who is setting up this Youthday is a ‚GmbH’ (a private limited company) that is recognized as non-profit organization which is entitled to issue corresponding receipts for financial donations.

Whereas financial donations and sponsoring are different matters...

That’s right, as donation counts every donation of funds, articles/gods and service for which no counter-service is agreed.This kind of donation can be claimed against payable company- taxes, which depends on the tax-percentage of the sponsor. Sponsoring however, is the support of the Youthday according the specifically agreed counter-service. This ranges from just printing the company-logo to the complete financing of an exhibition-hall. We search both, donors and sponsors.

Are you going to woo for private donors also?

Yes, this is going to happen. Our Chief Apostle intends to approach our brothers and sisters personally. That’s why I don’t wish to comment further on this. Just one remarks: the donation-account has been opened already and its’ details have been published. We are grateful for every donated amount.

What can you tell us in respect of merchandising?

The demand for promotion-articles is very big, as a look into the „guestbook“ of the EYD website shows. We have found professional suppliers who deliver us EYD-articles in good quality at reasonable prices. A small margin/profit from this will be added into the financing of the EYD. From our website we have set a link to the online-shop of the Friedrich Bischoff publishing company. Here a range of promotion-articles concerning the EYD is available for purchase. Payment and delivery of orders is then organzied by them. We have selected these products together with a youthgroup of Hamburg’s central disctrict. There was A huge ‚mountain’ of promotion-articles, made availabe for us from different manufacturers. These products were arranged with a focus of youngsters, however we had decided that members of the focussed youthgroup should decide themselves which articles they wished to buy and at what prices they would do so. We have introduced these promotion-articles first time at the Hamburg Youthday on 16 September 2007.

When will the sale begin?

We intend to go online with our shop during November, i.e. in time for Christmas – so that everyone of our youth will surely find something that she/he can wish from her/his grandma for Christmas.

What products will you offer?

A huge range of everything, starting with bath-towels, coffee-cups and key-chains until bags and a wrist-watch.

The marketing will be done through the EYD-website only?

Yes, exclusively.

And also during the EYD 2009 itself?

Yes, whereas we will offer then only the balance of available items, assuming everyone will have bought his preferred items before the EYD already. So we won’t buy another delivery of these items again specifically for the EYD in Düsseldorf. At the youthdays which will be held during 2008, we will display these promtion-articles so that everyone can see and touch them. All in all we are very confident to cover a bigger share of costs by donors and sponsors so that the attendance-costs for each youth member can be kept as low as possible.

Carmen Faulenbach (37) is marketing manager of a Hamburg company. She has been working for Shell and DAD Deutscher Auto Dienst GmbH tätig. She is married and mother of a two years old boy.


Text: Thorsten Gabriel
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