Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in DŘsseldorf


05/28/2009: European Youth Day comes to an end

After four days the first European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church has come to an end with a divine service on Sunday May 24th 2009 in the LTU arena. 46,000 faithful attendees listened to the sermon of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber (we reported).The international head of the New Apostolic ... more

05/27/2009: A marvellous effort by all who took part

Already as the first participants of the European Youth Day were leaving the LTU arena on Sunday midday after the divine service, the work to dismantle the stands was starting in Hall 6 and the other event halls. Just a few hours later there was not much remaining to remind of this wonderful weekend ... more

05/24/2009: The festive divine service – “What is foremost in your life?”

The European Youth Day 2009 at its zenith: on Sunday is a festive divine service in the LTU arena in Düsseldorf with Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. 46,000 New Apostolic Christians and their guests experience fellowship for the last time together here in the programme of the first European Youth ... more

04/04/2009: Final meeting of the planning team

“What is being organised here is gigantic”, pronounced Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten, visibly impressed at the final meeting of the planning team before the European Youth Day. The representatives of the European district churches met for the last time together in Düsseldorf on the ... more

04/03/2009: Lead-in choir before the decisive general rehearsal

“It sounds simply gigantic when 1,000 youngsters give all they have!” Claudia, from Hamburg, said enthusiastically as she spoke about the LTU arena choir. The district church of North Germany will bring a special stadium choir for the divine service of the European Youth Day. It will ... more

04/01/2009: New advertisement for European Youth Day

“See you in Düsseldorf” Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber called to the youth in autumn 2008. This was the first official advert for the great event in May 2009. The youth had produced a film several weeks previously, which has now been released.Three inquisitive youngsters are ... more

03/12/2009: Final preparations in Duisburg

In the last stage toward the European Youth Day the youth of Europe are meeting everywhere to make their final preparations. So it was in Duisburg (district church of North Rhine-Westphalia) that over 20 youngsters met on Saturday 21st February 2009 in Duisburg central church, to make final plans ... more

03/09/2009: Catering: as colourful as Europe

Oranges from Spain, salami from Italy and petit fours from France – not only do the participants come from a rich variety of countries. The composition of the catering for the European Youth Day, (also) directed by the sponsors is as European wide as the many languages and the different ... more

03/06/2009: First European Youth Day press conference

“Optimism in times of crisis” – this is the message that the youth of the New Apostolic Church wish to broadcast from 21.-24. May 2009 in Düsseldorf, reported District Apostle Armin Brinkmann at the first press conference of the European Youth Day. Representatives of religious ... more

02/13/2009: Donation for the youth of Albania

The youth from North Rhine-Westphalia have made a donation for the youth of Albania.7,000 Euros was raised by the young people from the district of Krefeld. This sum will enable their brethren in faith of Albania to fly to Düsseldorf and so ease the way for them to take part in the ... more

01/14/2009: Donations for the Spanish youth

The youth of southern Germany are helping the youth of Spain. 30 young New Apostolic Christians from the congregations of Ensingen, Horrheim and Sersheim (Apostle district of Stuttgart, New Apostolic Church southern Germany) have put 1,500 Euros together, which will go towards helping their Spanish ... more

12/22/2008: 20,000 participants have registered

With just 150 days to go before the European Youth Day 2009, over 20,000 youth and their custodians have been registered as participants. The largest registered group comes from North Rhine-Westphalia, followed by Southern Germany, Northern Germany and Switzerland. In January, the ... more

12/21/2008: Christmas bazaar in Advent

The youth of the Munich South district in Southern Germany were agreed: we must make a plan to help finance the journey to the European Youth Day in Düsseldorf – the best idea an action plan for each month! No sooner said than done. Promptly at the 1st Advent, the youth of the Giesing ... more

12/04/2008: Hair cutting action for the youth

On two evenings in November 2008, the youth meeting room of the New Apostolic congregation in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, was transformed into a real barber’s shop. Here, the congregation members were able to have their hair cut for a bargain price.Three sisters in faith who are ... more

11/19/2008: 179 bottles of freshly-pressed apple juice

Eager anticipation of the awaited European Youth Day next year is increasing throughout Europe. “EYD” fever has also reached Adendorf near Lüneberg in North Germany. To help with the costs for the weekend in Düsseldorf the youth thought up the novel action: selling freshly ... more

11/06/2008: Project choir gets prepared

“Yes! We’re going to perform at the EYD!” said the youth of the district church Sachsen-Thüringen with jubilation when they were told in May 2008 that they could take part as singers in the musical programme of the European Youth Day. With that the intended “Project choir ... more

09/29/2008: Chief Apostle visits the event’s location

The planning heads met on 25th and 26th September for the third time before the great occasion in May 2009 in box 38 at the LTU arena, overlooking the stands and the grassed area of the stadium. “Now it’s set in concrete”, said Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten, the business manager of ... more

09/12/2008: Packed lunches for the European Youth Day

Packed lunches for the European Youth Day 2009 in Düsseldorf? What apparently sounds a little early was really a promotion by the youth of the Cologne congregations Dellbrück, Kalk, Mülheim and Poll (districts of Cologne East, in the district church of North Rhine-Westphalia) to ... more

09/01/2008: Bikers‘charity drive for the youth

In the middle of August around 150 New Apostolic motor cyclists met with their friends and guests in Gummersbach (in the district Cologne East, district church of North Rhine-Westphalia). At the end of the day 1200 Euros had been donated, which will go toward the European Youth Day.The day ... more

07/20/2008: Over one million euros in donations

Just under ten months before the New Apostolic European Youth Day, another appeal for donations is going out in “Our Family”, the church periodical. Apostle Rüdiger Krause, Head of the “Sponsoring” project group, is responsible for this drive.Apostle ... more

06/18/2008: EYD-logo with 1800 balloons

Just 348 days before the start of the European Youth Day, the New Apostolic Youth from the Berlin-Brandenburg District got together for Youth Day 2008. As usual, the festivities began on Saturday with a day of recreation, which took place at the famous “Sportstätte Uckley” sports ... more

06/11/2008: Meeting of the Planning Staff

Almost a year before the European Youth Day takes off, the members of the Planning Staff met for the sixth conference on 9th and 10th June 2008. In the administration’s conference center of the New Apostolic Church of North Rhine-Westphalia, the focus was on the status of the preparations, ... more

05/28/2008: Meeting of the Project Groups in North Rhine-Westphalia

Almost exactly a year prior to the EYD 2009, the planning committee met in Hochdahl on May 17th to discuss the stage they are at in the preparation.The area church North Rhine-Westphalia is heavily involved in the organisation of the European Youth Day, so to hear District Elder and ... more

03/12/2008: The layout of the exhibition centre is taking shape

The layout of the exhibition centre is taking shape. On Tuesday March 11th, some members of the planning team met up with the exhibition staff to discuss further proceedings.The following members attended the meeting: District Elder Helmut Polzin (Project Leader), Apostle Hans-Juergen Bauer ... more

03/03/2008: PG Music Meeting in Reutlingen

The Project Group Music, which is currently planning the musical program for the European Youth Day, met on Valentine ’s Day, 14th of February in Reutlingen Germany. Thoughts of flowers and other small gifts for loved ones were somewhat overshadowed by the work in progress – after all ... more

01/25/2008: The fifth meeting of the planning committee

485 days before the European Youth Day (EYD), the members of the planning committee met for the fifth time for the central decision meeting in Dusseldorf. Within view of the exhibition halls where the program of 2009 will take place, on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2008, the project groups renewed ... more

12/02/2007: Sponsors wanted - an interview with Carmen Faulenbach

An event like the EYD can’t be setup at a zero tariff and neither at the otherwise usual costs of a regional youthday: three days with a full program have got their price. For this reason the project-group Sponsoring works on a successfull financing by the help of subsidies and ... more

10/15/2007: Hall 7.0 – Editorial and activity circles

Over the first weekend in October youth members from across Germany met in the Ruhr Valley for the following reason: the configuration of the exhibition hall 7.0 for the European Youth Day. According to the guidelines of the Planning Committee all youth editors from Europe are to find ... more

09/27/2007: Fourth Meeting of the planning committee

The representatives of the European District Churches met for the fourth meeting of the planning committee for the European Youth Day on 17th and 18th September 2007 – this time in Düsseldorf. In direct neighbourhood of the LTU arena, they discussed issues about budget, general ... more

09/12/2007: First strategy meeting for a "community portal"

Saturday, September 1st, Heidelberg-Wieblingen congregation: Seven laptops, one video projector and a big table covered with food and drinks along with twelve youth. A LAN-party at church? Or a meeting of skilful web developers? The latter was true, maybe this was the reason that lights were ... more

08/14/2007: Meeting of the project groups Contents and Music

686 days prior to the European Youth Day, the project groups CONTENTS and MUSIC met on 5th & 6th July 2007, for their third meeting in Düsseldorf. The representatives from all European District Churches discussed on this occasion, amongst other issues, the concrete allocations of ... more

07/04/2007: Interview: A logo that touches

Since five weeks the European Youth Day (EYD) has got a „face“: on 21st May the official EYD-website went online and with it also the official logo of this mega-event. The EYD-logo – an orange-coloured cross, circled-in in blue – stirs up the minds as a look into the ... more

06/04/2007: A talk with Ralf Heller - designer of the EYD-logo

A cross in orange colour that seems to tower up in the sky – that is the logo of the European Youth Day 2009. Sometimes it is shown with a hint of the date on which the mega-event will take place, sometimes with the subtitle „New Apostolic Church“ so that outsiders see who ... more

03/30/2007: Third meeting of the European Youth Day 2009 planning committee

The European district churches’ 25 representatives working in the European Youth Days’ planning committee, among them nine apostles and six bishops, met for the third time in Dortmund and Düsseldorf at the end of March. They had organisational questions on the agenda on the ... more

03/26/2007: The European Youth Day has its own corporation

The New Apostolic Church is planning a European Youth Day for May 2009, at which some 40,000 participants from all over Europe will be expected in Düsseldorf. A limited corporation which was established in Dortmund on Monday, 26 March will now be responsible for the technical and ... more

08/25/2006: Second preparatory meeting in Dortmund

The planning for the European Youth Day 2009 continues: 23 representatives of the nine European New Apostolic district churches met in Dortmund on August 24 and 25.Representatives from the district church USA/Canada took part for the first time. Apostle Reinhard Hecht ... more

05/18/2006: Treaty negotiations with Messe D├╝sseldorf a success

The treaty negotiations with Messe Düsseldorf have been rounded off successfully. The European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church will take place in Düsseldorf in May 2009. The date for the European Youth Day is set: From 21-24 May 2009, young people from all the European District ... more

03/14/2006: First preparatory meeting in D├╝sseldorf

The New Apostolic Church is expecting some 50,000 participants in the event of a European youth day in 2009. The event would consist of three days, including a festive divine service with Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. The representatives in charge of the youth from each of the European District ... more