Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 05/27/2009

Official EYD song can be downloaded

“Come to my Jesus” is the song of the European Youth Day. Thousands sang it together at the end of the four day event, after the divine service in the LTU arena. The song, composed by Sigi Hänger is now available for downloading.

In the months before the European Youth Day the youth decided that “Come to my Jesus” should be the official EYD song. The composition received 31 per cent from more than 13,396 votes cast on the website (we reported). The composer of the song is Sigi Hänger from Lorch-Waldhausen near Stuttgart (New Apostolic Church Southern Germany).

Componist from Southern Germany

Sigi Hänger, 36 years old, runs a private music school in his home town and is a qualified school musician. Thus he has much contact with children and the youth and to “absolutely every type of music”, as he says; from heavy metal to classic and from hip hop to techno. He has also been arranging lots of music over several years. Sigi Hänger is active in the New Apostolic Church as a youth choir conductor in the district of Schwäbisch Gmünd.

The song was premiered at the opening ceremony on Friday morning in the LTU arena. After that, it could often be heard in Düsseldorf over the extended weekend from May 21st – 24th 2009, for example at the open air concert on Saturday evening.

Complete score available for purchase

The 36 year old is completely taken by surprise that the song was so well liked by the youth. He wishes to thank all those who voted for it: “I am so happy that so many youngsters voted for my song. I am still overwhelmed. It should be dedicated to the glory of God alone. I wish to praise Him in this song.”

The Bischoff-Verlag in Frankfurt is making the complete score of the song “Come to my Jesus” available for the price of 6 Euros.

The recording details:

Song: Come to my Jesus for EYD 2009
Producer und copyright: Sigi Hänger
Recording 14.-15.February 2009 in Plüderhausen Studio H4 Zam Helga alias Sascha Schuppert-Raetzer
Lead vocals and backing vocals: Linda Kyei (Stuttgart)
Guitar, recording and sound design: Zam Helga (Plüderhausen)
Schlagzeug: Christoph Oellig (Eislingen)
Piano, organ: Sigi Hänger (Waldhausen)

Offizieller EJT-Song: "Come to my jesus"
EJT-Song: Come to my jesus (Melodie)
Offizielle EJT-Hymne