Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 05/26/2009

Youth auction the Chief Apostle’s feet

Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber is often asked for his autograph. He usually puts his signature to hymnals. The youth of Marburg have thought up an unusual variation at the European Youth Day.

All they really wanted to do was take a photo of their Chief Apostle, but in their hurry just captured his foot. They printed the picture in Hall 7.0 at the “Be Active” stand, pinned it to the heel of the Church leader and finally showed him the picture. Chief Apostle Leber found it so amusing that he put his autograph to it.

Placed on EBAY

The photo is now being auctioned on EBAY with the Chief Apostle’s permission. The entire proceeds will be donated to nak-karitativ, the relief organisation of the New Apostolic Church in Germany.

The auction’s winner will receive the framed signed photo of the Chief Apostle’s foot. The action is also reported in the Sunday edition of the EYD newspaper. The youth of Marburg also promise “a small EYD surprise“. Postal delivery is free of charge.

Current state: over 500 Euros

The auction began at exactly 8 pm on Sunday. After just two days the price of the photo has already risen to over 500 Euros. More than 85 bids have already been made.

The photo can be found at under the keyword “Stammapostel”.

EYD flags are to auctioned

The planning team are receiving many queries concerning the flags, Congress Center direction signs, banners and information signs. It is planned to place these with EBAY in the course of this week and to auction them for the benefit of the European Youth Day. The auction will include, amongst other items, 25 flags of the European Youth Day, more than 100 welcoming gifts (bandys), the direction signs from the city, flag signboards and numerous banners.

The EYD website will inform promptly on this action.