Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 05/14/2009

Information concerning the capacity of the Halls

Third preparatory meeting - Tour of the exhibition area
Third preparatory meeting - Tour of the exhibition area
Third preparatory meeting - Tour of the exhibition area
Third preparatory meeting - Tour of the exhibition area

Up to 35,000 visitors will be mingling around the exhibition halls at the European Youth Day. Just as at any major exhibition, it is naturally not possible for all visitors to be simultaneously in one building. For this reason the organisers of major events anticipate the possibility of bottlenecks and provide guidance as necessary.

The rich programme of events of the European Youth Day is spread over different halls. This leads to an unusual situation for New Apostolic Youth Days. Where normally at church activities the youth are used to experiencing all the events live together, at the European Youth Day the participants must adjust themselves to conditions similar to a large exhibition.

There are some programme points at the European Youth Day which are of great interest to the EYD logisticians; namely the opening divine service on Thursday evening in Hall 6 and the podium discussion with the Chief Apostle on Saturday afternoon. The organisers ask, in advance, that all participants exercise discipline when entering the halls: in the event of congestion it may take a little longer.

Only limited capacity

Limits to the maximum numbers allowed entry are not arbitrarily selected. The organisers must comply with legal guidelines. The halls may not be overfilled on technical safety grounds, even if there is apparent room for several more people. The criterion is the number of available emergency exits.

The logistics team will have many assistants on site who will control entry and, if necessary, close the doors of a hall if the maximum number of persons entering is reached. This point may also be reached even if every free metre of space is not occupied with people in the hall.

Helpers will control entry

All participants of the European Youth Day are thus asked to allow sufficient time if they wish to see a particular event on the programme. Should the controller bar further access to a hall, the alternative is given for all those interested to experience the event at one of the appointed public viewing locations.

The organisers further recommend that participants go directly and in sufficient time to the public viewing locations, where the large video screen size will certainly, in many cases, provide a better view and viewers will be nearer to the event on screen as those who are standing in the halls.