Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 05/13/2009

Grief counselling is offered at the European Youth Day

Grief Counselling at the European Youth Day? This seems, at first sight, a little unusual – the joyful festivities of the European New Apostolic youth and then grief? It doesn’t appear to fit the picture somehow.

About 35,000 participants are expected in May 2009. They could have at least 200,000 friends and close family. Just as accidents happen daily in towns and cities, where people are injured, become seriously ill and die, so is this also possible at the Youth Day or within the family of the Youth Day participants. Perhaps one or the other participant is suffering from the loss of a friend or relative shortly before the Youth Day and is grieving over the loss. Such mournful occasions change the lives of those affected from one instance to the next.

Find ways out of the speechlessness

It is most helpful when someone is there, not to give well-meaning advice, but to support with understanding and competence: someone who can listen, who can give the impulse to uplift out of the depths of absurdity and speechlessness, or to whom one can simply relate in confidence.

Personal tragedy places a great physical and spiritual strain on all who are afflicted. It leads to unexpected reactions and behavioural patterns. The spectrum ranges between extreme emotion – crying, screaming, lamenting, even to panic and loss of control – to the incapability to act, shock and nervous breakdown. Limits of aggression could also be extreme. All these reactions are normal, but many of those who are in the near vicinity of these reactions cannot cope and become uncertain. Here is where the concept of the soul carer takes over.

Trained soul carers and counsellors do not profess that they can help. They do, however, one thing: they support. They listen without comment, maintain confidential silence with the afflicted, take them seriously and are aligned with them. They endure, together with the grieving, the incomprehensible situation.

Are special grief counsellors needed at the EYD?

The grief counsellors are specially trained, fully qualified soul carers. They are not, in any way, just an extension of the soul carer, but provide qualified “first aid” in unimaginable spiritual distress. This is the self-concept by which each one must be and is measured. The team members will gladly talk with those who may be interested and are open to exchanges of ideas regarding grief counselling. In the foreground, however, is the wish that all participants enjoy an all-round happy and care-free Youth Day.

The grief counsellors are to be found at the European Youth Day between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm in the chapel between Halls 7.0 and 7A.