Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 05/05/2009

Welcoming divine services in the Ruhr district

The start of the European Youth Day (EYD) of the New Apostolic Church will be marked, on the evening of Ascension Day, the 21st of May 2009, by divine services in many congregations in Düsseldorf, in the Rhineland and in the Ruhr district. All EYD participants and those accompanying, who are staying with host families, hotels, holiday apartments, guest houses or such, are warmly welcome to attend. This will give the participants their first opportunity to meet other brethren and their host families in the congregations.

An interesting question is - how many people will attend at each of the available divine services? This is because not only will the youth from the local districts be there and the host families, but also a totally unknown number of EYD participants.

More than 16,000 self-bookers with their own accommodation

More than 16,000 participants have registered as “self-bookers”. They have organised their own accommodation and will be staying with relatives and friends, in youth hostels or hotels in the surrounding districts of Düsseldorf. It is for this reason that the organisers have planned welcoming divine services throughout the whole Ruhr district.

“It would be great if as many participants as possible who are staying outside of the exhibition centre were to take up this opportunity and that all the congregations were to be full,” was the wish of District Elder Helmut Polzin on behalf of the planning committee, who is the project leader for the European Youth Day.

Welcoming divine services in the districts

The welcoming divine services in the districts will be internationally flavoured. They will be led by Apostles and Bishops from many European countries. The services will begin, with one exception, at 8 pm. The churches will be open for the arriving guests from 4 pm. The local youth look forward to meeting their guests from Germany and across Europe with a snack and liquid refreshments.

A divine service will also be held at 9 pm at the exhibition centre with Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. The welcoming service there should be restricted to the youth who are staying in the youth camps.

Limited capacity with the Chief Apostle in the exhibition Hall 6

The reason for the limited capacity in Hall 6 is that there is only room for 10,000 people and in the youth camps there will be up to 20,000 youth sleeping there. Those who cannot find space in the Hall must use the public viewing screen in the adjacent meeting Halls. Because of the crowd density, Holy Communion will not be celebrated. The remaining EYD participants are asked to seek out divine services in the local districts.

An overview of all the local churches, with their addresses, where welcoming divine services will be held and with the name of the serving officiant is to be found under, “Taking part” / “Where are welcoming divine services”. Thus each group who is staying in local accommodation can locate a nearby congregation.

Information about the churches and directions to get there are on the website under New Apostolic Church Northrine-Westphalia.