Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 05/04/2009

Download the EYD Guide


More than 175 programme items await the participants at the first European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church, from the 21st to the 24th of May in Düsseldorf, which should provide something for everyone; from workshops and presentations to musical performances and podium discussions. Full information of the events on offer is shown in the official EYD guide.

An editorial and layout team from North Germany has gathered the contents of the European Youth Day into the official guide, which contains more than 300 pages. They have been supported by almost all of the EYD project groups.

A copy for each participant

Each participant will receive his/her personal copy to aid orientation. The guide is more than just a programme guide. It gives much background information concerning the EYD, the running of the event and of the city of Düsseldorf. With the help of the guide each participant can compile his/her own personal programme. All programme items are sorted: by day and time, by their halls or locations and in a third overview, by their theme.

“Congratulations! It looks great,” commented District Apostle Armin Brinkmann, head of the hosting district church of North Rhine-Westphalia, on the guide. The sizeable document represents the intensive labours of many helpers, who are able to offer the youth a richly comprehensive, interesting and memorable European Youth Day and its information shows just how versatile the weekend’s programme is.

Have it ready to hand in your “bandy”

Apart from the programme the EYD guide also contains all the required important information concerning the journey preparation and arrival, with a plan of the local transport services and information regarding accommodation. Everyone should carry the guide in their “bandy” (the rucksack, which is part of the welcoming gift), because within the guide envelope is a map of the exhibition grounds plus plans of the halls and locations where all the activities will be taking place. Also, plans of the respective overnight sleeping locations within the youth camps are contained in the guide.

The information also focuses on information of the opening event, the “Night of lights” and the divine service for Sunday. Furthermore, the guide contains the text and musical material of all the songs which will be sung, so that no one will need to bring their song or hymn books with them.

Words of greeting from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany

The official EYD guide is opened with greetings from the Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber (international head of the New Apostolic Church), from District Apostle Armin Brinkmann (head of the hosting district church, the New Apostolic Church of North Rhine-Westphalia), from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Horst Köhler and from the first mayor of the city of Düsseldorf, Dirk Elbers.

District Apostle Brinkmann writes, “I thank all of you for coming. This is your Youth Day!” The Federal President, Horst Köhler, expressed, on the coalescence of Europe, “Europe, as we know it today, would be unimaginable without Christianity. Therefore, I encourage you to further build up this idea and mutually design the future.”

The EYD guide is being despatched

The EYD guide is now printed and will be sent out from the 5th of May. The group leaders in Germany who have registered before the end of February will receive a packet or parcel with the programme guides, in sufficient quantity for their group members.

All other participants and groups will receive their copies of the guide with their welcoming gift when they register at the exhibition centre in Düsseldorf. The guides are available in the German, English, French and Russian languages.

It can be downloaded in four languages

From now, as stated, the EYD guide can be downloaded in the four languages. The German version also has a downloadable mini version. It contains a programme overview in a space saving reduced form.

EJT-Guide (deutsch)

EJT-Guide Kompakt (deutsch)

EYD-Guide / EJT-Guide (englisch)

Mon exemplaire personnel / EJT-Guide (französisch)

Мой личный экземпляр / EJT-Guide (russisch)