Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 04/21/2009

Participants’ passes are on their way

A few weeks before the European Youth Day the “Accommodation” project group has started to send out the passes for those taking part. The group leaders who have already registered will receive them by post for all the members of their groups. The passes allow, amongst other things, free travel on local public transport.

All information concerning the participants’ passes and accommodation can be read and downloaded from a bulletin, which can be found under the link “Taking part”.

Detailed explanation in the bulletin

The bulletin explains why the participants’ passes are required. The passes are not transferrable and must be visibly worn throughout the event premises. Each participant will receive, on arrival at the exhibition centre, a lanyard neckband with a protective cover for their passes.

You will only be allowed access to the exhibition centre, to the individual events and, if appropriate, to the youth camps, if you are in possession of your pass. Those who will be sleeping in private accommodation will have the name and address of the host family printed on the back of the pass. The telephone number and e-mail address are also shown, so that the youth can make contact with their host parents in advance. Changes to the overnight accommodation are unfortunately not possible on organisational grounds.

For those who have booked their own accommodation, the words “No accommodation” (“self booked”) will be printed in the “Accommodation” field on the pass.

Using public transport

Free local travel is available using the RE or RB trains, the S or U-Bahn (suburban or underground trains) in the region of the integrated public transport systems, VRR (Ruhr area, see and VRS (Cologne/Bonn, when you are in possession of your personalised entry pass and your passport/identification card with photograph. You must pay for using the IC or ICE long-distance trains. You may also travel free of charge when travelling around Düsseldorf with the city bus, tram or underground services (Rheinbahn).

Registration is still possible

The organisers have announced that the youth can continue to register up to the 21st of May 2009, the starting date of the European Youth Day. In the past weeks the staff of the planning group has continued to receive requests concerning the possibility to make delayed registrations.

Latecomers may continue to register through the EJOS system under the website It is necessary that the youth register as a new group. The existing groups cannot be changed, as their sleeping locations have been allocated.

Also, those who now register for the EYD will first receive their participants’ passes on their arrival day when reporting in at the Messe (exhibition centre) Düsseldorf, in the area of the North entrance.