Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 04/05/2009

Youth portal nacworld goes international

 From the 4th of April 2009, nacworld, the social network of the New Apostolic youth, is not only international by name: the team of voluntary young programmers and assistants have so arranged the portal that it is now supported in several languages. Users can now choose whether the website is displayed in the German, English, French, Portuguese or Dutch languages. Since the start at the beginning of November, nacworld has gained more than 7,600 new members.

Already at its conception, it was clear to the nacworld creators that the network should be offered in many languages, to communicate with as many young people as possible in all corners of the world. The website was only intended to run in German at the start point. Then, on the 1st of November 2008, the website went online after about a one year’s preparation time.

Contact aimed at cutting international borders

The aim of the portal is to break down international borders between young Christians and this especially in advance of the European Youth Day, where the New Apostolic Church expects around 35,000 young Christians from all over Europe to meet in Düsseldorf in May 2009.

From the beginning, the creators of nacworld have been working intensively on further developing the portal. “We have ensured from the start that the programming will allow further functions to be added”, explained Jens Gassmann, aged 30, head programmer for the project. Until now, we have primarily carried out smaller adjustments, including the possibility for other users to locate districts or congregations affiliated with a district church. Also, an internal news system has been added.

Voluntary active translators

The translation into various languages took some further time. With the help of voluntary translators from the New Apostolic Church and from the nacworld project, including many youth, the text of the various functions was translated, so that the users could choose from five languages; German, English, French, Portuguese or Dutch.

Now the European Youth Day is on the plan for the nacworld team. The social network will be introduced to the New Apostolic Youth in connection with an internet café in hall 7.0 in Düsseldorf. The planning for this is taking place mainly in the districts of Heidelberg and Karlsruhe (New Apostolic Church of Southern Germany). The youngsters can surf on 30 machines in the network and are able to register directly with nacworld.

Further developments being planned

Looking to the future, nacworld will be further expanded. Picture galleries and forums for the groups are planned. The aim of the programmers is clear, “We want to achieve the limit of 10,000 users and also gain, if possible, members beyond Europe”, is the wish of Jens Gassmann.

The thanks of the nacworld team go, above all, to the translators Christoph Lehmann from France, Nina Weber from South Germany, Sasha from Portugal and Roel Pieterse from the Netherlands. “They invested a great amount of time and have so made the multiple language choice possible”, said Stephan Ludwig, who is responsible for the content of nacworld.