Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 03/31/2009

Bulletin with outline information

The project group responsible for communications have produced a bulletin with some information about the European Youth Day event in May 2009. The eight-sided document gives essential information concerning the arrival, overnight arrangements and the programme framework. The official Guide will appear in May.

Rüdiger Krause, leader of the communications project group, writes in the preface of the bulletin, “In the preceding months, the organisers, the various project groups and hundreds of active voluntary helpers have prepared the way to this major event for you”.

Many questions in advance

The Apostle writes further, “There will probably be many questions which you would like to ask: what is on offer for us at the European Youth Day? Where will we be sleeping? Where will we register? Or – what should we bring with us? As you will only receive the official guide shortly before the event, we would like to answer the most important questions here beforehand. Please read the information carefully. It will help you not to forget anything, to locate everything and to arrive punctually at the event.”

One main piece of information will certainly concern all who are making the journey: All participants who are sleeping in a youth camp at the exhibition centre should drive on their arrival day directly to the Messe (exhibition centre) Düsseldorf. The group leaders will register their groups there. They will then be given their places in the allocated sleeping halls.

Allocation of sleeping spaces

Each participant will be given a sleeping space. The halls will be systematically filled. Therefore, it is not possible to cater for individual wishes. Each group will, however, be located together in the same sleeping hall. On Thursday evening, a welcoming divine service will be held in hall 6 at 9 pm. The remaining afternoon and evening hours are free to do as you wish.

For those who will be flying into Düsseldorf airport, a direct bus connection (route 896) will take you from the airport terminals A/B/C to the Messe/Nordeingang (exhibition centre, entrance North). The bus departs every 30 minutes. Service personnel will greet the groups at the airport and provide information, including the return journey details for Sunday.

Open from 4 pm.

Those who will be sleeping in private accommodation will drive directly to the responsible district. In each of these districts are central churches as meeting points for arriving guests, which will be open from 4 pm. The address of the respective church will be given in good time to the group leader by the responsible district administrator. After they have arrived, the participants can strengthen themselves with a snack and meet their host parents.

“Self booker” groups will travel directly on Ascension Thursday to their quarters. Subsequently, they are also all similarly invited to get acquainted in one of the nearby named meeting point churches. The addresses of all the churches will be publicised in sufficient time on the website Information regarding modestly priced accommodation and hotels around Düsseldorf, as well as special EYD offers will also be publicised on the EYD website under “Taking part” / “Where can I sleep?”.

Welcoming divine services

All who will sleep away from the youth camps (that is overnight guests, self bookers, hosts, local youth and custodians) will experience a shared welcoming divine service at 8 pm in each of the churches nominated as meeting points (in some congregations the service will start at 7 pm). The divine services will be conducted by Apostles and Bishops from all over Europe.

This and further information is in the bulletin, which is now available and can be downloaded. It will be updated as and when required.

Bulletin for the European Youth Day 2009

Mémento: Journées européennes de la Jeunesse