Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 03/13/2009

An environment-friendly Youth Day

The first European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. That is the stated goal of the organisation. For this reason, all journeys are free of charge for all participants who use the Düsseldorf Rheinbahn (bus and tram company) and, as required, the linking VRR (transport organisation of the Rhein and Ruhr) or the VRS (transport organisation of the Rhein and Sieg). As a reminder for those taking part, the responsible organising group has produced an “environmental” letter, which should remind the participants of their obligation toward the environment.

“Dear participants of the European Youth Day,

The New Apostolic Church expects around 35,000 young people, their custodians and guests in Düsseldorf at the European Youth Day. There are many aspects to be considered in planning for such a major event. One very special topic is the environment.

By the environment we understand the actions to reduce damaging emissions. Here, we mean the environmental effects in relation to the German Federal laws on protection from emissions in their type, volume or duration and the ensuing dangers, extensive disadvantages or disturbances which they bring for the general public or the neighbourhood. In the foreground are questions of air pollution control, noise reduction as well as questions of waste reduction and disposal.

God has entrusted mankind with the earth, to cultivate it and to protect it (Genesis 2:15) and to take care of the development of His creation. As Christians, we understand that life and the world are gifts of God and are given as our responsibility. Therefore, for the benefit of future generations, we cannot allow the treasures of the earth to be irresponsibly and respectlessly depleted. In our accountability to God and with regard to our fellow mankind, particularly to those who are disadvantaged and to coming generations, we strive to maintain a solid, sustainable lifestyle.

With the environment-friendly presentation of the European Youth Day 2009 we want to set a precedent for others. We encourage the European district churches to promote future regional youth days on an environmental-friendly basis and urge other establishments and organisers of major events to follow this example. Through spiritual impulses and practical guidance, through learned examples and working with the public, we encourage the young participants to also make their contribution toward the protection of creation through their testimony in word and deed when they return home.

Because of the dimension of the imminent Youth Day, it is necessary to pay attention to some points, so that the burdens on our environment are contained as much as possible. Precisely we, as Christians, want to make increased contributions on these special days toward the protection of the environment. In this way we will all do our bit toward the worldwide effort to protect our planet.

What can we contribute as participants in the interests of the environment?

Use the public transport

Please avoid using your own vehicles as much as possible over the four days and preferably use the local public transport. If it is necessary to use your own vehicle, please try to establish vehicle pooling.

Expended energy is reduced!
The CO2 burden (carbon dioxide) is reduced!
Particle emission is reduced!
There is less traffic noise!

Waste disposal

Where there are many people there is much refuse! Throughout the European Youth Day 2009 many things will be accumulated which have fulfilled their use and must be disposed of as “waste”, for instance packaging, hygiene articles or food leftovers.

Please make a special effort throughout the Youth Days on the subject of discipline. Dispose and sort all refuse into the especially provided containers for recyclable materials and for waste materials.

Costs for disposal and cleaning are reduced and expended energy is reduced!

No smoking

Please refrain from smoking on the Youth Days; the other youngsters will be thankful. Smoking is, in any case, prohibited in all exhibition buildings on safety grounds.

The disposal of cigarette “butts” and packets is not necessary

Clearly, we want to conduct ourselves toward our brethren, guests, fellow men and host families in an exemplary, friendly and correct manner.

The European Youth Day 2009, as a major event, leaves behind a positive impression!”

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