Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 01/21/2009

“Be active!” initiative starts its online portal

Exactly four months before the European Youth Day, the project group for Hall 7.0 on the EYD has started its home page of its initiative “Be active!”. Their aim is to promote the talents of the youth in the New Apostolic Church and they want to make an effective impact on the day:

“With our homepage we want to offer a long overdue point of contact for young talent who are interested in editorial or organisational activities”, said Alexander Uhr, a member of the organisation team “Hall 7.0”. In conjunction with other teams of youth, the group is preparing further display stands in Hall 7.0 at the exhibition centre in Düsseldorf.

A new web site in the network

Alexander Uhr explained further, “Many young potential ‘doers’ let their talents unwillingly waste away at home, because they often lack tips or ideas from contact with like-minded enthusiasts who could support and motivate them”. At the centre of the initiative is a new web site in internet which can be accessed

The action will really start to roll at the European Youth Day 2009: the responsible organisers want to start by making an appraisal of the activities of young editors. To achieve this they would like to work together with all young media enthusiasts who are based in Europe; in every “youth info” publication, every youth magazine and every youth home page.

Overview of NAC young media terrain

One of the group’s aims is to gain a transparent overview of the terrain of media currently being produced by the youth of Europe and so to foster the opportunity of working together on its production.

The youth activity groups should receive new ideas. The ‘impulse pool’ will be continuously updated through the home page beyond the EYD and a compendium of the successfully produced actions from the European Youth Day will be presented in the categories ‘light’, ‘medium’ and ‘complex’. This is hoped to inspire the youth of all the districts with further activities.

“Be active!” specials for the European Youth Day

In order to make a good start toward assisting the motivated activists in Europe, the organisers would firstly like to concentrate up to the European Youth Day on the “Be active!” specials for the EYD. Young editors are asked, by the end of February, to take part in a questionnaire about their media, to apply for a place as a stand promoter on the editors’ stand (‘Editors’ Jungle’), to send in a current copy of their youth info or youth magazine, where applicable an advertising spot from their home page and/or a publication of their editorial and to enter their details in the “Be active!” link list. The link is additionally hoped to become the biggest youth link list in the history of the New Apostolic Church.

Youth activity groups, on the other hand, are asked to introduce their top actions (including photos) and to apply as promoters on the youth activity stand (‘Ideas Island’). The activity groups should also produce films of five minutes duration, which will contribute toward the cross-media mega start of the initiative. The films sent in should contain information about the various youth activities carried out and may also possibly be displayed afterwards in the internet.

All entries must be registered or, respectively, sent in by 28th February 2009 under

Supporting through the “Be active! jingle”

“Our wish is that all media relating to the youth in the New Apostolic Church supports us and our vision as an active and happy community”, said Alexander Uhr. It is hoped that it will be remembered by the small but quite effective advice: the “Be active! jingle”. His wish; “That the motto and the internet site of the initiative will leave a lasting impression in the minds of the youth, where the jingle crops up everywhere, again and again.

Much useful information and the talent check for the youth can be found under .

“We eagerly await the support of all those who are active in Europe with the certainty that, together, we can do something for the good of our church, whereby we inspire and motivate the youth”, said Alexander Uhr finally, in the name of the “Be active!” teams.