Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Dsseldorf

News added 12/05/2008

An Advents calendar for the European Youth Day

“The Bearskin is ready” reads the title on the first page of the Brandenburg New Apostolic Church youth website in Berlin. The editors provided a special eye-opener by placing a hidden portrait of the bear, which will be appearing at the Youth Day in Düsseldorf next year, in an Advents calendar. Each day, a little window can be opened, so that more and more of the bear is uncovered.

This novel idea sprang from a meeting of the project group; “Berlin’s mascot is a bear. Let’s provide one!” Thus, it wasn’t long before a real “Buddy Bear”, in the colourful style of the Berlin mascot, was ordered. The youth created its design and formed it by hand. 

A meeting place for the youth

Preparations by the youth of the district church of Brandenburg in Berlin for the European Youth Day 2009 in Düsseldorf have been underway for many months. As well as planning the travel arrangements, the task of breathing life into their district church display stand in Hall 6, one of the largest event buildings of the Düsseldorf exhibition centre, has to be met. On the one hand it must provide information about the district church and on the other it must act as a location for the youth of Brandenburg and from Russia to congregate.

The Advent calendar may be found on the youth website of the New Apostolic Church of Brandenburg. There, more articles about the “Buddy Bear”, which is intended to be broadcast as the mascot of the Brandenburg youth, may be found.

130 Kilograms of concrete provides a stable base

Laborious work on the delivered “raw bear” model has been carried out: grinding, priming, painting and varnishing. The youth had sent in many sketches of the design. Two designers were tasked by the jury to create the final model. A 130 Kilogram base made of concrete, to which the bear is fixed, will ensure its stability.

"Jugendprojekt: Der EJT-Bär zeigt sich Stück für Stück" (
Youth from Berlin-Brandenburg