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News added 05/25/2007

EYD Count-Down: spirit as companion along the way

spirit: EJT-Countdown (1)

From now on the youth magazine spirit will dedicate one article about the European Youth Day and it's preparations in every edition. In the actual magazine (edition 3/07) the most importrant questions about the EYD are being answered on a double-page.

"In every edition we would like to introduce to our Youth a different aspect of the EYD" tells the responsible editor, Andrea Schnitzer. "Over the time we will introduce more and more details of the programme, and e.g. will answer also the question, how so many thousand people can be catered sufficiently and quickly."

Planned are also reports around the place where the EYD will take pace, about youth-groups who prepare themselves about their contributions to the EYD and glimpses behind the scenes: who organizes the mega-event? What are the tasks of the various project-groups? What are the biggest
challenges for the planning team?

Spirit, the "young magazine for Newapostolic Christians" - so the official subtitle - is being edited by the publishing house Friedrich Bischoff GmbH for the German-speaking area in six publications a year. Every edition puts it's main focus on one central theme, which is enlightened from different views comprehensively. The title of the actual edition is "In good and bad times - Marriage."

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