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Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 11/01/2008

nacworld goes on-line – register now

On 1st November 2008, a social network for the New Apostolic youth went on-line under the address The internet portal will promote contact across international borders between the young Christians, which is especially welcome running up to the European Youth Day. The New Apostolic Church awaits around 40,000 young Christians from all over Europe to this event in May 2009.

Whether StudiVZ, Facebook, MySpace or XING, social networks are “in”. Young people, above all, enjoy making contact over the internet and communicating with their friends. Thus it was not surprising that, in 2007, many suggestions from various regions reached the organisers of the European Youth Day, with the idea of creating such a “contact portal” for the youth of the New Apostolic Church.

Set up your own profile pages

Consequently, a team of volunteers set about the task of creating the project. From 1st November, the nacworld site went on-line in a basic version, which allows users to set up their own personal profile page, to add other users as contacts, to run their own blog, to add personal interests, to set up groups and to accept guest book entries on the profile pages of other contacts. The activities of personal contacts may also be followed.

nacworld is on offer from the “EJT 2009 Düsseldorf GmbH” and is aimed, in the first instance, at young people of 14 to 30 years of age of the New Apostolic Church. Young Christians of other confessions, however, are also most welcome to use nacworld.

Heavy demands on the team

The demands placed on the team during the preparation were high. The existing community portals set a high standard. The plans, preparation and further developments were discussed and agreed over many weekend meetings. Altogether five software developers and other team members were occupied about one year with the setting up.

The development of nacworld will continue further. Picture galleries and forums for groups and chat rooms are already being planned. Currently the priority is focussed on one development. “The next thing is to offer nacworld in more languages, so that young people from all over Europe may be integrated”, said Jens Gassmann (29) from Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia), leader of the technical group and directing programmer.

Internet café at the European Youth Day

During the European Youth Day, nacworld will be introduced in the internet café in Hall 7.0. This is currently being prepared by the youth of Heidelberg and Karlsruhe (South Germany). “30 computers in the internet café for 40,000 youth – that’s going to be interesting”, grinned David Schäfer (26) from Heidelberg, who is involved with the setting up.

All parties involved with nacworld are convinced that it will be a success. The New Apostolic youth are already very active in other social networks through internet.