Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 08/15/2008

By special train from Berlin to Düsseldorf

The journey to the European Youth Day 2009 is secured for the approximate 2,000 youth from the region of Berlin-Brandenburg, as well as from Rostock. Three special trains will transport them on Ascension Day 2009 to Düsseldorf. To this end, representatives of both the New Apostolic Church of Berlin-Brandenburg and the German railway signed a preliminary contract on Wednesday 13th August.

In preliminary discussions with the railway representatives from Cologne and Dortmund, who met in Berlin, detailed timetables were drawn up, so that the youth could be offered the shortest distance to reach the trains and, at the same time, to minimise the travelling time to Düsseldorf.

Agreement signing in Berlin

„The youngsters will be amazed how quick the journey will be”, the charter manager of the German railway company, Peter Bahr, said at the signing of the agreement in the office building of the railway company at the Berlin East railway station. The preliminary contract for the actual charter was signed for the NAC Berlin-Brandenburg by the regional organiser of the EYD, Bishop Udo Knispel and also by the head of the domestic department, Wolfram Lenz.

It was agreed that the trains would start on Ascension Day 2009 at 11.30 am from Rostock, Schwedt and Cottbus and would then travel via Berlin to Düsseldorf, where they would be expected around 7 pm. “In this manner we will give the youngsters the opportunity to attend the Ascension Day divine service in their own congregations”, said Bishop Knispel.

Travel costs should be met by charitable activities

Furthermore, the contract partners agreed on a travel cost of 58.90 Euros per person for the return journey, when a total of over 2,000 persons travel. The youth are called on to help with creative charitable activities, to reduce these costs as far as possible.

Photo (l to r.): The Berlin EYD planner Markus Lange and Bishop Udo Knispel, German railway Charter Manager Peter Bahr and, as representative of the NAC in Rostock, Reinhard Laatz.