Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

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Update yourself: House Rules for the EYD


When 40,000 participants gather over three days in a confined space, intending to spend the time together in harmony, rules are essential. The organisers of the Project-Group "Accommodation" have therefore drawn up house rules. They give hints as to how we should behave and deal with each other. The group leaders are requested to inform all participants about these house rules.


European Youth Day, 21st-24th May 2009 in Düsseldorf, Germany

A warm welcome to the European Youth Day
of the New Apostolic Church!


The European Youth Day is a major event with over 40,000 youth and their custodians. A warm community spirit is possible if everyone interacts in a considerate and helpful manner.

All participants are organised in groups. Each group has a responsible leader.Both on and off the event premises, we ask you, please, to maintain exemplary behaviour.

Please silence your mobile telephones during the divine service, the concert and through the night.

The programme options are open to all participants. There is, unfortunately, restricted capacity at some of the events.  Please, therefore, exercise understanding if, exceptionally, you are not able to take part in an event.


Access to the event's premises is only permitted with a visible and valid participant’s pass.

You should keep all items of value in your possession at all times and must not be left behind in your overnight accommodation. Security deposit boxes and cloakrooms are not available. Responsibility will not be held for lost articles.

At the exhibition centre, instructions from the respective building supervisors event authorities, police and fire brigade officers, are to be followed immediately.

Emergency exits are displayed in all buildings. Please acquaint yourself soonest with the alarm and evacuation measures, meeting points, the location of portable fire extinguishers and emergency exit routes. All stairways, passages, aisles, emergency routes and entrances must be strictly kept free.

In the exhibition buildings and overnight accommodation the burning of candles, open fires, the operating of electrical appliances such as immersion water heaters, hot plates and similar devices is prohibited.Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all buildings and in the LTU arena, including toilets and shower rooms, within the sport and recreation grounds, in all churches, schools, gymnasia, private quarters and in all other facilities. In the exhibition centre, smoking is only permitted in the open within the specially designated smoking areas.

The carriage or consumption of alcohol is prohibited within the entire event grounds and in all overnight accommodation.  This applies also to all substances which come under the narcotics legislation.

The carriage of weapons is prohibited.

Animals are not allowed. Guide dogs may be brought following prior consultation and consent.The police and fire department may use video surveillance, in the course of their duties, during the event within the exhibition grounds.


Churches, private accommodation, schools, gymnasia and other overnight accommodation are provided exclusively for sleeping. We ask you to respect the appropriate dignity when staying overnight in church buildings.

The youth camp sites at the exhibition centre are exclusively provided for sleeping and resting. Entry to and exit from the camp sites is to be made only via the signposted entry and exit points. On safety grounds, access is only permitted for participants who have overnight accommodation in the respective buildings. Each time you enter your allocated camp site, you must show your participant’s pass to the security steward.

The nightly resting phase begins in all overnight accommodation at 10 pm. Absolute quiet is to be kept between midnight and 6 am. In this period, particular consideration to all others is required.

In all youth camps, instructions from building supervisors and event authorities must be complied with. In all overnight districts, group leaders, in consultation with the local authorities, will assist in the maintenance of order.


We care for an environmental-friendly organisation of the EYD 2009. We ask all participants to strictly observe environmental-friendly conduct. Please maintain all quarters and sanitary facilities in a clean condition. Waste must be disposed of in the bins provided. All fixtures and furniture must be treated with care. Damages must be reported to the event authority, group leader or local contact person without delay.


250 shower units are available in the open air area. They are open from 6 am until midnight. To give all participants the opportunity to take a shower, shower time for each person should not exceed ten minutes. Further showers are available in the Rheinbad swimming pool and in the changing rooms of the sports complex. Hand towels must be brought. In the district overnight accommodation, shower facilities are not provided by the event organisers.


Please address any questions or problems which you may have to the event authorities. In the overnight sleeping districts, local personnel are available for your assistance.

Please turn to the first aid service for assistance with injuries and illnesses.

During the divine service, you are asked to refrain from using disruptive film and photo devices.

Each participant agrees unreservedly to the use, without charge, of his/her picture/voice by the EJT2009 Düsseldorf gGmbH or its agent. This goes for all media created, reproduced or transmitted in connection with the EYD 2009 event, in particular for photographs, publication of pictures and/or sound, live transmissions and the transmission of audio/visual media.

The house rules of the Messe (exhibition centre) Düsseldorf and the LTU arena, as well as the conditions for use of the caravan centre are components of these house rules.

Infringements of the house rules may result in a site ban by the event organisers or site owners and exclusion from the event.

Hausordnung zum Europa-Jugendtag
House Rules (french)
House Rules (dutch)
House Rules (russian)