Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

News added 05/21/2008

You can now register for the EYD

The European Youth Day Online System
The European Youth Day Online System

You can now register online, exactly one year before the EYD will take place, but please let's not do it all at the same time.

As mentioned before, the registration will be done in groups. Ideally 10-15 youth members and their youth leader should get together and register. However, it is also possible for smaller and larger groups to register. It is recommended that youth groups from the same congregation register together. However, if there is only a small number of youth in one congregation, several congregations can form a group and register together. In any case, the registration should be done under the guidance of the youth leader who is responsible for the group, knows them, can answer questions and look especially after the youngest youth members. Therefore he/she can't be a minor.

First the youth leader has to register himself/herself as youth leader. Next his youth can register. For a minor youth member, the youth leader has to get the permission from their parents; a form is available for that scenario.

It's always possible to change your data

Once all the members of the group have registered, most of the work is done. The youth leader has access to the registration, so should there be more youth who want to register, he/she can just add them. Should their details change, he/she can amend them.

The youth leaders are asked to do the registration as soon as possible as the planning committee needs to know the numbers in order to finalise figures for board and accommodation.

Hints for searching your own accommodation

As for sleeping arrangements, whoever wishes to book their own accommodation can do so under 'self-booker' where categories such as rooms, youth hostel and apartment can be chosen from.
All information regarding registration can be found under "registration" on the main webpage. Further instructions and forms can also be found there.

For now all forms and documents are only available in German; but as we speak they are being translated. The registration is available in German and English.