Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf

Report added 05/27/2009

A marvellous effort by all who took part

Already as the first participants of the European Youth Day were leaving the LTU arena on Sunday midday after the divine service, the work to dismantle the stands was starting in Hall 6 and the other event halls. Just a few hours later there was not much remaining to remind of this wonderful weekend in Düsseldorf.

Hardly any visitor could imagine just how complex the preparation for this weekend was and what massive logistical effort was required to be overcome by the organisers.

One example: catering

One example: never before must 35,000 people be fed at an event in Germany in such a short time – and then with up to three meals per day. A total of up to 100,000 meals each day had to be provided. The delicatessen and catering firm Dittmann, headed by its business manager Timm Reichold and the many hundreds of catering helpers turned this into reality, a feat which other notable companies were not able to achieve.

The result was – gauged by the reaction from the youth – an absolute success. It was seldom that the youth had to wait longer than five minutes at any of the almost 30 distribution points in Halls 3 and 4.

Four major events in three days

A similar challenge was met by the helpers in the LTU arena. Three different events took place there over the weekend of the European Youth Day: the opening ceremony, the “Night of lights” and the divine service on Sunday. In between, the local football club, Fortuna Düsseldorf, played a crucial soccer match there on Saturday before a capacity crowd, which promoted the club into the 2nd division of the German soccer league. The Düsseldorf Congress personnel, together with the exhibition centre and their contractual partners, had to achieve a logistic and organisational masterpiece.

That the football match would come between the event was known several months before the European Youth Day. The soccer club had householder rights and thus also priority. Therefore, on booking the arena, the New Apostolic Church contracted to clear the soccer field for one afternoon.

Double assembly and dismantling

About 50 helpers were active on the weekend in the arena in connection with lighting, sound, stage assembly and camera technicalities – and each time deep into the night. Firstly 10,000 metres of cable were laid, 160 loudspeakers erected and 140 microphones dispersed.

On Friday evening everything was completely dismantled and again re-assembled throughout the following night into Sunday. In parallel the arena was cleaned up from the remnants of the soccer match.

A marvellous effort by all who took part

Both managers of the Düsseldorf Congress, Hilmar Guckert and Jörg Mitze, were joyful over the successful weekend and the great job done by their teams. “We had more than 150,000 visitors as guests here within three days in the LTU arena. All four events here went without a hitch. Also at the exhibition centre all the logistic and organisational challenges of the European Youth Day could be met without a problem. An absolutely masterful achievement by everyone!“ was their comment.

One senses here: despite the hard work in the preparations the youth of the New Apostolic Church will be welcomed at any time at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre.

Dismantling I

Text: Frank Schuldt
Fotos: Oliver Rütten