Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf


06/08/2009: Beach Chair pictures online

You are one of the EYD participants that took a photo in our beach chair, or you did not get the mail or you just want to see who else took a photo there ? You just have to flip through our online photobook. The Chief Apostle also took a photo in our beach chair. Everyone who remembers when ... more

05/28/2009: The European Youth Day on eBay

I would like to have a flag of the European Youth Day! What has happened to the Congress Center signposts? Where can I still buy a welcoming gift? The organisation team of the European Youth Day have been receiving dozens of e-mails with these or similar questions since Sunday. The delay in answering ... more

05/27/2009: Official EYD song can be downloaded

“Come to my Jesus” is the song of the European Youth Day. Thousands sang it together at the end of the four day event, after the divine service in the LTU arena. The song, composed by Sigi Hänger is now available for downloading.In the months before the European Youth Day ... more

05/26/2009: Youth auction the Chief Apostle’s feet

Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber is often asked for his autograph. He usually puts his signature to hymnals. The youth of Marburg have thought up an unusual variation at the European Youth Day.All they really wanted to do was take a photo of their Chief Apostle, but in their hurry just captured ... more

05/26/2009: Video flood on YouTube

Almost 1,000 videos are thrown up by YouTube when searching for “EJT” or “EYD”.Already within a few hours after the weekend in Düsseldorf a flood of impressions reached the video platform: musical renditions, spontaneous actions of the youth, excerpts from the Night ... more

05/24/2009: A flight over the Congress Center

The Congress Center from a birds eye view – a photograph and film crew had the chance to observe the Congress Center from an interesting perspective. A small aircraft flew, with special permission, from Bottrop to Düsseldorf. You can enjoy seeing the aerial pictures in this gallery. more

05/23/2009: eyd:news – Sunday edition

The text and picture editors and design team have also been working flat out on Saturday into the night. This has produced the Sunday edition of eyd:news, the official newspaper of the European Youth Day. As for Saturday, it contains 16 pages each in the German and English languages. Due to the high ... more

05/21/2009: The setup continues up until the last minute

The time has finally come: Although the New Apostolic Church’s European Day of the Youth officially starts today, preparations are still being made at full speed. In the gallery, you‘ll find photos of the setup taking place in the Congress Center halls, volunteers arranging the welcome ... more

05/16/2009: Premiere: Divine service will be broadcast on TV

35,000 youth will be gathering in Düsseldorf from the 21st to the 24th of May 2009. Their mark of recognition: blue-orange shirts and a blue-orange scarf. For the information of the citizens of Düsseldorf the regional edition of the local newspapers will carry a full page advertisement ... more

05/15/2009: Rheinbahn train timetable

Thousands of visitors to the European Youth Day will be underway in the Ruhr district with the public transport system. The participant’s pass entitles the holder to use the public transport in the integrated transport systems VRR and VRS. The Düsseldorf Rheinbahn is providing extra trains ... more

05/14/2009: Information concerning the capacity of the Halls

Up to 35,000 visitors will be mingling around the exhibition halls at the European Youth Day. Just as at any major exhibition, it is naturally not possible for all visitors to be simultaneously in one building. For this reason the organisers of major events anticipate the possibility of bottlenecks ... more

05/13/2009: Grief counselling is offered at the European Youth Day

Grief Counselling at the European Youth Day? This seems, at first sight, a little unusual – the joyful festivities of the European New Apostolic youth and then grief? It doesn’t appear to fit the picture somehow.About 35,000 participants are expected in May 2009. They could have ... more

05/05/2009: Welcoming divine services in the Ruhr district

The start of the European Youth Day (EYD) of the New Apostolic Church will be marked, on the evening of Ascension Day, the 21st of May 2009, by divine services in many congregations in Düsseldorf, in the Rhineland and in the Ruhr district. All EYD participants and those accompanying, who are ... more

05/04/2009: Download the EYD Guide

More than 175 programme items await the participants at the first European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church, from the 21st to the 24th of May in Düsseldorf, which should provide something for everyone; from workshops and presentations to musical performances and podium discussions. Full ... more

04/21/2009: Participants’ passes are on their way

A few weeks before the European Youth Day the “Accommodation” project group has started to send out the passes for those taking part. The group leaders who have already registered will receive them by post for all the members of their groups. The passes allow, amongst other things, free ... more

04/07/2009: "Stragglers" can still register

The organisers have announced that the youth can continue to register up to the 21st of May 2009, the starting date of the European Youth Day. In the past weeks the staff of the planning group has continued to receive requests concerning the possibility to make delayed ... more

04/05/2009: Youth portal nacworld goes international

 From the 4th of April 2009, nacworld, the social network of the New Apostolic youth, is not only international by name: the team of voluntary young programmers and assistants have so arranged the portal that it is now supported in several languages. Users can now choose whether the website ... more

03/31/2009: Bulletin with outline information

The project group responsible for communications have produced a bulletin with some information about the European Youth Day event in May 2009. The eight-sided document gives essential information concerning the arrival, overnight arrangements and the programme framework. The official Guide will ... more

03/23/2009: Choose the official EYD song

We need a European Youth Day song –and you decide which one it will be! The official song of the EYD should musically represent the European Youth Day. Its premier will be at the opening event and will accompany you over the whole weekend. It may now be chosen from a list of six selected ... more

03/13/2009: An environment-friendly Youth Day

The first European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. That is the stated goal of the organisation. For this reason, all journeys are free of charge for all participants who use the Düsseldorf Rheinbahn (bus and tram company) and, as required, ... more

01/29/2009: Christ is my future!

“Christ – my future” is the official motto for the first European-wide Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church. The European Youth Day is being held from 21st to 24th May 2009 at the exhibition centre and in the LTU arena in Düsseldorf.“‘Christ – my ... more

01/24/2009: Allocation of sleeping areas starts on 1st February

Starting directly after the official registration closing date of 31st January 2009 the project group responsible for accommodation is allocating the sleeping arrangements in the exhibition centre halls and private accommodation for the groups and participants who have registered. In the complete ... more

01/21/2009: photo contest "Take a look !" for the European Youth Day

With the photo contest "take a look !", sponsored by Epson Deutschland, one of the first events of the European Youth-Day 2009 has started. In collaboration with Epson, EJT 2009 Düsseldorf gGmbH is looking for hobby photo enthusiasts under the EYD participants. Put your ideas and your ... more

01/21/2009: “Be active!” initiative starts its online portal

Exactly four months before the European Youth Day, the project group for Hall 7.0 on the EYD has started its home page of its initiative “Be active!”. Their aim is to promote the talents of the youth in the New Apostolic Church and they want to make an effective impact on the ... more

12/25/2008: Request: themes for workshops

The European Youth Day will offer locations for spiritual carers, in particular the youth leaders, to exchange experiences and ideas on youth care, where workshops for youth counselling will also be available. In preparation for this, the organisers are interested in questions which are of concern ... more

12/22/2008: Welfare fund donates 30,000 Euros

The assurance welfare fund “Fürsorgekasse von 1908“, formerly known as the funeral fund of the New Apostolic Church for the district of North Rhine-Westphalia, which is based in Krefeld, has donated 30,000 Euros to the European Youth Day. The assurance fund celebrates its foundation ... more

12/05/2008: An Advents calendar for the European Youth Day

“The Bearskin is ready” reads the title on the first page of the Brandenburg New Apostolic Church youth website in Berlin. The editors provided a special eye-opener by placing a hidden portrait of the bear, which will be appearing at the Youth Day in Düsseldorf next year, in an ... more

11/10/2008: Contracts with exhibition centre and arena undersigned

On 30th October 2008, the business managers of the EJT 2009 Düsseldorf gGmbH, Dr. Franz-Wilhelm Otten and Prof. Dr. Frank Zisowski, undersigned the contracts with the Congress Centre Düsseldorf and the LTU arena.The contracts with the exhibition centre and the LTU arena were already ... more

11/01/2008: nacworld goes on-line – register now

On 1st November 2008, a social network for the New Apostolic youth went on-line under the address The internet portal will promote contact across international borders between the young Christians, which is especially welcome running up to the European Youth Day. The New Apostolic ... more

10/15/2008: Registration for "street music"

“The youth like to make music spontaneously and without too much pre-planning”, said Frithjof Tomusch, an Austrian District Evangelist and member of the music project group, at one of the first meetings.Shortly after that, the idea was born: we will make some street music. The ... more

10/07/2008: Chief Apostle canvasses for the European Youth Day

“See you in Düsseldorf – wir sehen uns in Düsseldorf”. This was the message from Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber to the New Apostolic youth throughout Europe. On 26th September the spiritual head of the New Apostolic Church visited the exhibition centre in Düsseldorf, ... more

09/17/2008: Coordination meeting of the project groups from NRW

Only 255 days until the European Youth Day 2009 in Düsseldorf! With this figure District Elder Helmut Polzin, the project manager for the European Youth Day 2009, opened the meeting of the project group representatives from the district church North Rhine-Westphalia, which took place on 8th ... more

08/15/2008: By special train from Berlin to Düsseldorf

The journey to the European Youth Day 2009 is secured for the approximate 2,000 youth from the region of Berlin-Brandenburg, as well as from Rostock. Three special trains will transport them on Ascension Day 2009 to Düsseldorf. To this end, representatives of both the New Apostolic Church of ... more

08/02/2008: Update yourself: House Rules for the EYD

When 40,000 participants gather over three days in a confined space, intending to spend the time together in harmony, rules are essential. The organisers of the Project-Group "Accommodation" have therefore drawn up house rules. They give hints as to how we should behave and deal with each ... more

08/01/2008: The responsibilities of a group leader

Group leaders must register young people for the European Youth Day through EJOS (EYD Online System), collect participants‘ contributions, organise travel arrangements, distribute passes to participants, and are the point of contact for the organisers: group leaders perform a key role during ... more

06/20/2008: More private lodging-places required

5,500 lodging-places are being offered in private homes so far – that’s the current report of the project group responsible for accommodation. „We are very happy about this number and we thank everyone sincerely,“ says District Evangelist Helmut Manthey, leader of the ... more

06/17/2008: Relaunch of the EYD shop

The European Youthday online shop now appears in a new design. This is due to a revised relaunch of the website of the „Verlag Friedrich Bischoff“. Now, for the first time, products of the EYD shop are available for order without problems for English- or French-speaking users. more

05/21/2008: You can now register for the EYD

You can now register online, exactly one year before the EYD will take place, but please let's not do it all at the same time.As mentioned before, the registration will be done in groups. Ideally 10-15 youth members and their youth leader should get together and register. However, it is also ... more

04/03/2008: News from the EYD Online-Store

We are currently extending the product range used for the EYD. Apostle Krause, who is responsible for sponsoring, remarked that so far the adopted products have been so well received that he has decided to develop additional ones. The latest product is a biro to be followed soon by car stickers, ... more

03/14/2008: 9.000 beds in churches and privately

The people responsible for accommodation can now breathe a sigh of relief as they have achieved their interim goal of finding a minimum of 9,000 beds for the European Youth Day.Around 5,200 youth will be accommodated privately, while another 3,400 will spend their nights in churches and 400 ... more

02/23/2008: The final participation fee has now been finalised!

The European district apostles have now agreed that the individual contribution towards attending the European Youth Day will be set at 95 Euro per person. The final decision was made in the district apostle meeting at the end of November and was announced by the planning committee in January. ... more

11/30/2007: A EYD Shirt for Christmas?

 As from December 1st 2007, just in time for Christmas, the EYD On-line shop will go live!To start with, various items will be available such as T-shirts, Windbreakers, Casual and Polo shirts. Also on offer will be towels, lanyards and sports bags. For the coffee ... more

11/12/2007: Half-time: 3.100 lodging-places registered

For the European Youth Day 2009 at least 6.000 lodging-places will be required. So far 3.100 have been registered. The registration for private lodgings with guest families, open till end of October 2007, has entered the second half-term. This decision was taken by the project-group beginning ... more

10/05/2007: 1000 accommodation places

Friday 28th September, 9.35pm, ‘Ping! You have mail!’ And what sort of mail! Bookings for the accommodation places 998, 999, 1,000 and 1,001 appear on screen. The e-mail comes from Essen, in the congregation of Essen-Schonnebeck. Heike and Frank have sent their booking form from there. ... more

09/18/2007: Bank account opened for donations

The organisers of the European Youth Day are looking for sponsors – and not only from companies. Private sponsors are also welcome. In addition, there are also more and more fund raising events, and proceeds are aimed to support the European Youth Day.As many queries regarding ... more

08/15/2007: Search for accomodation in North Rhine Westphalia

Over the next few days the search starts for private accommodation with guest families within the district church of North Rhine Westphalia. In a circular to the congregations of the Ruhr District, District Apostle Armin Brinkmann writes, ‘the majority of the EYD-visitors will stay the ... more

05/29/2007: The post arrived! 100.000 post cards - as EYD forerunners

At the end of May a post card promotion started off the countdown for the European Youth Day 2009 in Düsseldorf. Around 100.000 post cards, which will be distributed throughout the European congregations, highlight the launch of the official website more

05/25/2007: EYD Count-Down: spirit as companion along the way

From now on the youth magazine spirit will dedicate one article about the European Youth Day and it's preparations in every edition. In the actual magazine (edition 3/07) the most importrant questions about the EYD are being answered on a double-page."In ... more

05/21/2007: Official website for the European Youth Day released

The official website for the European Youth Day went on-line on 21 May 2007, exactly two years before the mega event is to take place. All those who are interested can inform themselves of the date, programme, news and organisational information.The layout of the website is ... more